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American Politics Definitions and their Significance (Book Review Sample)


As we discussed in class today, your final exam is a take-home exam due by noon on Wednesday via email . You have 10 IDs to define and explain the significance of. Remember that while this is open book, open notes, you can only use the textbook. Do not do further research!! It won’t help you. I gave a number of examples of definitions and significances in class so study your notes. Do not write more than a paragraph on each. If you are struggling with your English, have a Chinese speaking friend help you put YOUR ideas into English. I want this in your words, not from an American student. Here is the list. Good luck!
At home, prepare short IDs (one paragraph) on each of the following terms. Include a full, coherent definition and an explanation of the political significance (how does this thing/concept/person) impact power relationships or shift power or change the narrative about who wins and who loses.De jure discrimination
Suspect classification
Jim Crow law
Gender bias
Civil rights
Brown v. Board of Education
Civil rights movement
Equal Rights Amendment.
i will give you the chapter you need to write and only write it based on the text! its only chapter 3.


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Definitions and their Significance
Dejure discrimination is a kind of discrimination brought forth by the law. There have been some discriminations brought forth bypassed laws in American history, some of which are highlighted below.
Slavery is forced labor, being forced to work without proper remuneration and in a condition that does not favor human existence. In America, slavery is significant to the era when Africans were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean into the US to provide cheap labor on white plantations. They were owned as commodities, and owner of the plantations was their master. Slavery was a legal practice in the US before the proclamation, which made it illegal.
Suspect classification is any separation of groups, that looks for set criteria or standards that suggests they are a likely subject of being discriminated against. They receive closer scrutiny by a court of law whenever an Equal protection claim that alleges unconstitutional discrimination is made against the law. It has been significant in reducing discrimination against minorities in the country by the law, or dejure discrimination.
Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that supported racial segregation in the Southern United States. The laws were passed in the late 19th century and early 20th century, by white-dominated states, and were in place up to as late as

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