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Question Responses Literature & Language Book Review (Book Review Sample)


1. Adam Smith and Karl Marx obviously differed in numerous respects. But they also shared many ideas, or perspectives. What are some of the similarities?
2. Should government (including the Federal Reserve Bank) step in to rescue the economy when there is a major banking crisis (as there was in the Fall of 2008) and then to attempt to stimulate economic recovery to keep the nation out of depression? Should government act to insure that all Americans have access to health care? Or are these types of activities improper "big government" that is antithetical to a market (capitialist) system? What do you think? What would Marx say and how would that illustrate his "theory of the state."
Answer the questions in two paragraph. Also, I will upload a sample.


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Question Responses
Karl Marx and Adam Smith are best known for their arguments related to economic growth and stability. Although the two philosophers differed in most of their arguments, similarities also exist that help to expound on economies and society. Both Karl Marx and Adam Smith agree on capitalism as unleashing production potentials (Carvalho, 2018). Capitalism majorly supports the division of labor among the workers so that tasks are accomplished more effectively and efficiently. According to their arguments, without division of labor, less productivity would be experienced eventually. Also, Marx and Smith agree on the fact that capitalism requires an ever-expanding market. Since different locations have varying population levels, providing certain services requires specialization while in others providing generalized services is required to maintain substantial profits. In this argument, the two theoris

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