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The Novel The Confession By John Grisham (Book Review Sample)


You are required to read the novel The Confession by John Grisham.This book is in paperback and can be purchased from any major bookstore or on-line. In addition you can find copies at most libraries.
Please obtain a copy of this book as soon as possible.Read the entire book and be prepared to answer a series of questions about the book.This novel is a total of 418 pages (I knew you would ask)!
You must write a three page essay about the reading. Having read the entire book you should be well prepared to answer all questions regarding this novel. 
This entire assignment and will be worth 100 points. It will count as a project/test grade.Answer the following questions. Be sure to number each. 
1.  Discuss what evidence is used to charge and convict Donte Drumm of Nicole Yarber's murder. Give specific details and facts from your reading. (one page)2. Enumerate the flaws in the justice system that Grisham's book illuminates, starting with the police officers and their technique of attaining Drumm's confession. Relate this to similar current situations or issues. (one page)3. What are the pressures that come to bear on the legal system when a murder takes place—pressures that might force an indictment and conviction unfairly? (one page)


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Question one
In the Confession, Grisham does not cover up the fact that he hates the death penalty. Therefore, he is appalled at the fact that judges, the governor, and the prosecutor favor the death penalty. However, this is troublesome when baseless evidence is used to impose the irreversible death penalty. The antagonist, Donte was never caught while killing the victim nor does the prosecution provide any evidence directly linking him to the murder. In fact the real killer; Travis, whose DNA is all over the victim’s body confesses, but how would a guilty man convince lawyers, politicians and judges that they were about to execute an innocent man?
In addition to Travis confession, online research showed that he had a long record of sexual crime. However, because Donte was black, Travis words were not taken seriously. Racial issues gained more ground when the Slone white community called for Donte’s blood without considering the evidence provided. Matters were made worse when Donte initial confession was coerced by the corrupt police system. On the other hand, the prosecutor’s main witness; Joel Gamble only testified because he was jealous of Donte. In the end, a combination of baseless evidence sends an innocent man to the grave.
Therefore, Graham makes a strong case against putting people to death. However, he ignores the argument for death. When there is enough and sufficient evidence that a person murdered another person, why should the society continue to pay to support him/her in prison for the rest of his/her life? Therefore, biblical injunction against killing is not sufficient when the courts deliberate on murder cases based on sufficient evidence.
Question two
Grisham uses Texas motto “Don’t Mess with Texas” against the sates flawed justice system in “The Confession.” He presents a state where not only the local police are ignorant and blind, but every member of the Texas Supreme Court as well as the governor. The police who are guardians of the law use illegal means to acquire information. This is illustrated in Detective Drew Kerber who i

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