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Reading Analysis Angdongni Li. History Book Review (Book Review Sample)


Please analyze the reading I provide. Please use the reading as the only resource. Outside resource is not allowed. There are two readings required. Reading 1 is in the following website: https://www(dot)congress(dot)gov/resources/display/content/The+Federalist+Papers
The second reading is in the attachment called Common sense.


6 Grading Rubric for Essays The Superior Paper (A/A-) Thesis: Easily identifiable, plausible, novel, sophisticated, insightful, crystal clear. Structure: Evident, understandable, appropriate for thesis. Excellent transitions from point to point. Paragraphs support solid topic sentences. Analysis: Author clearly relates critical analysis evidence to thesis; analysis is fresh and exciting, posing new ways to think of the material. Logic and argumentation: All ideas in the paper flow logically; the argument is identifiable, reasonable, and sound. Counterarguments are acknowledged and where possible refuted. Mechanics: Sentence structure, grammar, and diction excellent; correct use of punctuation and citation style; minimal to no spelling errors; absolutely no run-on sentences or awkward constructions. The Good Paper (B+/B/B-) Thesis: Promising, but may be slightly unclear, or lacking in insight or originality. Structure: Generally clear and appropriate, though may wander occasionally. May have a few unclear transitions, or a few paragraphs without strong topic sentences. Analysis: Critical analysis often related to thesis, though links perhaps not very clear. Logic and argumentation: Argument of paper is clear, usually flows logically and makes sense. Some evidence that counter-arguments acknowledged, though perhaps not addressed. Mechanics: Sentence structure, grammar, and diction strong despite occasional lapses; punctuation and citation style often used correctly. Some (minor) spelling errors; may have a couple of run-on sentences, sentence fragments, or other awkward constructions. The "Need Help" Paper (C+/C/C-) Thesis: May be unclear (contain many vague terms), appear unoriginal, or offer relatively little that is new; provides little around which to structure the paper. Structure: Generally unclear, often wanders or jumps around. Few or weak transitions, many paragraphs without topic sentences. Analysis: Points often lack supporting evidence, or evidence used where inappropriate (often because there may be no clear point). Quotes appear often without critical analysis relating them to thesis (or there is a weak thesis to support), or analysis offers nothing beyond the quote. Logic and argumentation: Logic may often fail, or argument may often be unclear. May not address counterarguments. May contain logical contradictions. Mechanics: Problems in sentence structure, grammar, and diction (usually not major). Errors in punctuation, citation style, and spelling. May have several run-on sentences or fragments. The Truly Needy Paper (D+/D/D-) Thesis: Difficult to identify at all, may be bland restatement of obvious point. Structure: Unclear b/c thesis is weak or non-existent. Transitions confusing and unclear. Few topic sentences. Analysis: Very little or very weak attempt to relate analysis to evidence; may be no identifiable argument, or no evidence to relate it to. General failure to support statements, or evidence seems to support no statement. Little or no use of secondary sources. Logic and argumentation: Ideas do not flow at all, usually because there is no argument to support. Simplistic view of topic; no effort to grasp possible alternative views. Many logical contradictions, or simply too incoherent to determine. Mechanics: Big problems in sentence structure, grammar, and diction. Frequent major errors in citation style, punctuation, and spelling. May have many run-on sentences and comma splices. The Failing Paper Shows obviously minimal lack of effort or comprehension of the assignment. Very difficult to understand owing to major problems with mechanics, structure, and analysis. Has no identifiable thesis or the thesis is utterly incompetent.


Angdongni Li
The analysis will focus on two readings, the reading Common Sense and the Federalist Paper No 19 by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. Therefore, the paper ought to focus on the main ideas presented in the reading Common Sense, which was written by Thomas Paine. The paper also describes the rights of a man as an answer to Mr. Burke's attack on the revolution that happened in France. The Federalists, on the other hand, contemplate various federalist papers. The government evolves due to the influence of the citizens.
The reading Common Sense begins by unfolding on the life of Thomas Paine and the papers he wrote on revolution. The title Common Sense fits the reading in that all along Mr. Pain did to spare using his mind to bring changes in American institutions despite have not gone through the education system. Additionally, the reading Common Sense bases its discussion on two aspects; how institutions are formed and their nature. It also touches on the provisions provided by the English constitution and aspect of peoples' rights as an answer to the attack on France's revolution by Mr. Burke. The society and t

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