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Alliance and Illusion: Canada and the World (Book Review Sample)


Write a critical review on Robert Bothwell, Alliance and Illusion: Canada and the World, 1945-1984 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2007).
Please make sure there are no grammar errors and the essay is well structured.


Alliance and Illusion: Canada and the World
Alliance and Illusion: Canada and the World
Even at Canada's most influential moments, during world war two, the country could not be considered as a world's major power. However, during the cold war the country was able to prove herself a "middle power" and as one of the world's most influential member. It is worth noting that in all this Canada basically pursued foreign policies that were to her interests and those of her allies. Canada never played the role of unbiased peacekeeper that is at times rhetorically implied. Further, it is interesting to see that Robert Bothwell who is one of Canada's top diplomatic historians of all time in matters pertaining cold war, has been able to excellently examine Canada's foreign policies and influence since 1945 to 1984 (Bothwell, 2007). Alliance and Illusion can be termed as a definitive evaluation and assessment of Canadian policy in relation to the world. The book delves in studying political leaders and the international influences that have caused tremendous effects in the Canada's internal affairs. Further it places modern policies dilemmas in invaluable context. This makes the book a must read for Canadian scholars, analysts, students, and foreign policy makers as well as foreign affairs and history enthusiasts. The book helps you understand the participation of Canada in the world affairs and where it has come from. Therefore, in this paper is a critical review of the book, alliance and illusion: Canada and the world, 1945-1984 by Robert Bothwell (Bothwell, 2007).
The author, Robert Bothwell, starts the book economic and political state of Canada back in the year 1945. Partly he chronicles in the founding of the United Nations (UN), the rapid growth of tension between the west and the communist bloc, Canada's efforts to suit to a world that is from war with the declination of the British Empire (Bothwell, 2007). Further, the author discusses the response from Canada to the increasing soviet threats as well as the United States' emerging as the world's new super power. Generally, the books initial chapters focus on what would be considered as the golden age in Canada under the influence of Louis St. Laurent, prime minister, as well as the secretary of external affairs of the state, Lester Pearson. The most important achievement in this era was the resolving of the Suez crisis in the year 1956 as well as the establishment of the North Atlantic treaty organization (NATO) in the year 1949. The Suez crisis resolution was spear headed by Pearson's.
Then the book progresses to the time when Canada was under the leadership of John Diefenbaker as the prime minister. It also highlights the most of the difficulties and challenges he encountered with defense as well as foreign policy. Some of the hard encounters of the then prime minister included the foundation of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD), CF105 Avro Arrow's cancelation and the poor relationship between Diefenbaker and the external affairs department and the defensive forces (Bothwell, 2007). The author also talks about the relationship that is between Diefenbaker common wealth as well as the British government and their development in the time of Diefenbaker's time. The book builds on the responsibility of Diefenbaker's government mishandling the key decision of the country acquiring the nuclear weapons. The author tells of how this indecision affected the relationship between Canada and United States of America under the leadership of President J.F. Kennedy. Later, this doomed Diefenbaker's government (Bothwell, 2007).
After the fall of Diefenbaker in 1963, the book shifts attention to Pearson who serves as prime minister till 1968. The following chapters discuss the difficulties experienced by Pearson. Some of the challenges that...
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