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History Book Review Assignment: Describe Culture Of Africa (Book Review Sample)


READ BOOK just a guildline or read couple of pages and then write a book review
dont have to read at much only few pages is fine.
just give me a page in an hour please
qualitiy is not nesseray.
i just need a page.

Africa Culture
As a topic, leadership is indeed among the most debated. Different authors have tried to define the term leadership, but many seem to fall short of what the term entails. By analyzing different definitions, the author makes the debate evident to his readers. However, one thing remains as clear as day; there is still “no complete description of the complex phenomenon of leadership.” With this statement, the author settles the debate, well at least in the book and drives the attention of the readers to other important issues of leadership within the book.
To make the concept of a leader clear to the readers, the author first looked at how different people see or categorize leaders. First of all, some see them as symbols, models, or as representatives. The author, however, did not stop here but goes on further and provides Plato’s definition or descriptions of a leader. According to Plato, a leader can be a philosopher-statesman with the power to govern the masses. Secondly, a leader can also be a military commander whose sole purpose is to protect the state, and thirdly, a leader is an entrepreneur who focusses on making goods and services available to citizens.
In almost all leadership books, authors often never fail to include the two leadership categories, that is, transformational and transactional leaderships. To describe transformational leadership, the author opted to use the First President of Mali, Modibo Keita. As a transformational leader, Keita worked to motivate and empower his people and generate a sense of liability to their country. Therefore, through this explanation, the author managed to make his readers comprehend how transformational leaders are fashioned. Conversely, readers are also given a comprehensive explanation of who a transactional leader is. As illustrated, transactional leaders seem to employ the cost-benefits mechanism where everything is done with the objective of gainin...
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