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Got Your Attention (Book Review Sample)


I would like to use this book as a sharepoint discussion. Author is Sam horn.


Got Your Attention Review
According to the book "Got Your Attention", Horn explains that we live in the error where we seem to be occupied with so many things in mind and hence have little patience for anything that may appear to take longer than a few minutes to grab our attention. Horn is curious in knowing whether her audience is listening to her, a dying art yet one that win people faster than anything that can be thought of (Horn, 2015). The author walks her talk by ensuring that each chapter is short enough approximately ten pages long. She is fully aware of how easy an author can lose the reader's interest and her ten-page rule makes her more successful. Sam confesses that truth is more important as something may seem and reminds her fellow authors to remember it while writing their pieces of work or delivering speech so that they can capture the attention of the readers and audience.
According to Horn, there is a need to change the ways of communication if we aim at getting attention from either listeners or readers. The author notes that a two-way attention is the only way of ensuring that interactions are mutually rewarding. Thus, the author or speaker should stop seeking for attention but also give attention to the listeners and readers. Throughout the book, it emerges that presentations, networking, meetings and written material are the key avenues we can use to improve communication with each other (Horn, 2015). The author thus encourages interactive discussions in meetings to capture the attention of those in attendance. Interactive discussions make the attendants feel valued and hence pay more attention. Sam also stresses the need for using relevant and useful information while demonstrating our points as a way of getting the attention of the audience. That is because irrelevant information creates boredom to the readers and listeners. Bored readers may opt to stop reading the book while bored listeners may choose to switch off completely from following the speech.
The author encourages us to change the way we look at things to make the world better. She tells the readers always to pay attention to the good things happening around them and ignore the wrong one. Horn goes on to stress on the importance of using humor while talking or making a presentation so as to entertain the audience and win their attention (Ho...
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