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The Letter to Marjane Satrapi, the author of Persepolis (Book Review Sample)


DUE 2/22
The book is too big to attach, you can find it online.
4-page letter (1000 words) to Marjane Satrapi needs to include the following components.
• A discussion of one specific scene or occasion from Persepolis that illustrates the connection between international politics and Iran and your thoughts about it
• A discussion of one specific scene or occasion from Persepolis that changed or challenged any previous perceptions you had
• An idea from one reading material we covered before the due date (2/22) and what you want to tell the author about it and how it connects with the contents of Persepolis. (The reading need to connect is attached, please use that.)
• Questions you want to ask the author
• THE REST IS UP TO YOU! As you are writing to the author of the book, you do not need to summarize the contents. Share your reactions and reflection with her. Be creative! You may include drawings and comic strips about yourself. (Drawings won’t be included in the required length.)
As you write your letter, strive to be careful and critical about the following tendencies.
o Pity: “I felt bad for you.”
o “Boomerang perception”
♣ Spelman defines it this way: “I take one look at another and come right back to myself” (Inessential Woman). May and Ferri explains, “This way of thinking about differences does not require one to depart in any way from oneself: instead, another’s difference becomes a means of shoring up the self-same” (“Fixated on Ability”)
o “Arrogant perception” (Frye, The Politics of Reality)
♣ Arrogant perceiver “does not make any attempt to understand the object of perception” (Ortega, “Being Lovingly, Knowing Ignorant”). Arrogant perception is reflected in statements like, “I feel fortunate”; “You are just same as I.”
You may experience these tendencies, but try to push yourself to reflect and to think further about ways of relating, ways of respecting differences, and ways you are entangled in the historical and political connections with the author.


Book Review
Institution of Affiliation
The Letter to Marjane Satrapi
The comic Persepolis is a pictorial elaborate and wide eye opener to the world about the aspect of feminity and the place of women in the Middle East society. This story intricately shares with its reader over the notions people have about women and their place in a politically mangled society. I believe Persepolis to be your story as a young girl, growing in a country characterized by political turmoil and external warfare from neighbors (Iraq) and the western world. Within these wars, you observe women being exposed to a greater degree of challenges where they undergo an extra mile of complicit treatment and poignant subjugation as being a lesser sex compared to men.
Persepolis takes us through the history of Iran during the Neolithic period: from the days of Indo-European invasions, Emperor Cyrus the Great of the Persian Empire till the British political influence. You have clearly explained the state of the Iranian people historically surviving under the yoke. The images take us through the distressing subjectivity that the country's inhabitants have experienced under each invader, always being the target of forced servitude. In the 20th century, you then inform us of the infamous brands labeled against Iranian people as fanatics, fundamentalists, and terrorists where you vehemently debunk those allegations. You then claim that an entire nation cannot be misjudged by the actions of a few radicals.
The Portrayal of the Veil
In the beginning, during your early school life, you give us your friends take on the issue about being forced to wear the veil. We learn that your friends inarguably do not condone this act, remarks that are emphasized due to the veil’s obligatory impositions. The illustrations show the restricting nature the children face, making them make fun of the veils. Some are creating scary games about the execution during play, tying the veils and jumping about and even taking them off as they complain about the aggravated heat. Through this images, you have already provided me with a prognosticative perspicacity about a looming revolution to be witnessed on later chapters. Contrastingly, bilingual schools especially the one you had attended before; a French non-religious school, both sexes studied together in the same classrooms before they were shut down. Due to the cultural and religious piety the Iranians hold, the public tended to acquiesce with the propaganda spread by the government, claiming such schools are symbols of capitalism.
You have dedicated a whole chapter explaining the implications of the veil. The children are complicit in association for they offer glimpses of revolution in the backyard gardens. Why is it that you have not provided us with your clear feeling about the veil? You state that you were born in religion, a fact that stirs your thoughts to prophethood. The place of women is debatable as, through your visions, past prophets are astonished by a ...
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