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The Way of Islam by R. Marston Speight (Book Report Sample)

  1. A.    Structure and Minimum Requirements:
    1. At least 3-full pages; double spaced.
    2. Cover page is not included in 3 pages.
    3. Double-spaced, “Times New Roman,” and “12-point font.”
    4. Include the title of the book and its author/editor in your title. For example, if you are writing your report on Annemarie Schimmel’s Mystical Dimensions of Islam, the paper of your title should follow the following format: “Book Report on Mystical Dimensions of Islam by Annemarie Schimmel.”
    5. The book you are writing about cannot be one of our textbooks.
    6. The book you choose must be non-fiction, related to Islam, at least with 100 pages, and in English.
    7. Whenever you quote from the book, use citations. Even when paraphrasing, make sure that you include page numbers. Likewise, if you use sources other than the book you are writing your report on, make sure to cite your source appropriately. Citations are required even when you are paraphrasing sentences/ideas from other sources. Otherwise, it is plagiarism and punishable by a failing grade for the course and report to the university for appropriate disciplinary action. As a general rule, whenever you are using somebody else’s opinions as if they are your own, it is plagiarism. When in doubt, use citations. There is nothing wrong with using as many citations as necessary.  
    8. It is preferred that you use the MLA style. However, you may use APA or Chicago formats too. Whichever style you choose, use it consistently for the entire paper (do not switch from one style to another).
    9. Make sure to submit your paper as a hardcopy on time. If you cannot come to the class on the due date, arrange a friend to bring it to class or my office.
  2. B.     Content:
    1. Reserve at least 2 pages for “description” and 1 page for “analysis.”
    2. In description part, give as much information as possible about the book:

--General topic


--If possible, information about the author (not to exceed one paragraph)

--Main thesis/argument of the book

--Auxiliary theses/arguments

--Main points of the book



  1. In analysis part, you can employ either an “internal criticism” or “external criticism,” or a mixture of both.

--Internal Criticism: Try to identify if there are any contradictions in the book. Does the author contradict himself/herself?

--External Criticism: Do you agree with the arguments/facts/points of the author? Why? Do you have any evidence from other sources (other books/articles or your own experience) to support your criticism?

  1. Lastly, in the analysis section, explain the importance of this book for the general audience. Try to answer some of the following questions:

--Is the book important? Why?

--Is the book beneficial? How?

--Is the book misleading? Why?

  1. C.    Grammar
    1. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If possible, before submitting your papers, have a native speaker read it.
    2. Please pay attention to the following common mistakes:

                        --Difference between: they/they’re

                        --Difference between: its/it’s; his/he’s

                        --Difference between: lead/led

                        --Difference between: one’s/ones

--Difference between ‘’/’

                        --Difference between ‘/ ’

                        --Difference between man/men; woman/women

                        --Differences among Islam/Muslim/Islamic

  1. Be extra careful especially when using technical terms, names, and words from other languages. For example, do not make the following common mistakes:

                        --Quran (wrong); Qur’an (correct)

                        --Alfarabi, AlFarabi (wrong); Al-Farabi (correct)

                        --Mutezilite, Mu’tezilite (wrong); Mu‘tezilite (correct)

Book Report on God Is One: The Way of Islam by R. Marston Speight
There is often mention of Islam in the media thus becoming a topic of discussion in most places when people gather with shallow and superficial knowledge and understanding of Islam. Most of them have distorted misconceptions and opinions on the faith of Muslims (Speight 22). Now, a better opportunity is presented to Muslims to present the deeper meaning and understanding of their faith based on unbiased, factual and fair way to the Islam community through this book by R. Marston Speight in its fourth edition. God is one: the way of Islam provides a comprehensive and clear knowledge on Islam for the people who would be interested and curious on Islam. The author of the book has been a director in the office of Christian/Muslim relations in the national council of churches for about thirty years. In his book he advocates for enhancement of strong relations between religions by understanding the multivalence of Islam religion. The book presents Muslims and their religious worldviews available and accessible in an informed, respectful, and concise manner. This is the report on the book God is One: The Way of Islam presenting the main arguments of the book and the analysis of the same.
The book is authored by R. Marston Speight. The author is ordained as Methodist minister and currently he is the director of office in national Christian-Muslim relations council of churches in USA (Speight 42). From the university of Hartford Seminary foundation, he holds a PhD in history of religions. He has been immensely engaged with the relations between Christians and Muslims throughout his entire career. He has spent about 28 years as a Christian missionary in Tunisia and Algeria.
In the book, Speight most importantly has tried to deal with the misunderstandings on Islam by making Christians overcome the common tendency of stereotyping the Islam believers. He starts by clearly pointing out the geo-political importance of the Muslims by outlining the global distribution and allocation of the Muslim population. He indicates the predominantly Muslim nations alongside t...
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