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The 7 habits of Highly Effective People (Book Report Sample)

In addition to a synopsis, your review should also include an evaluation and comments by you as to the merits of the book for a management course. Also be sure to add how Covey defines a habit in the book. source..
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The 7 habits of Highly Effective People
Title: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Publication information: The Free Press, 2004 (ISBN: 0743269519)
Brief: This is a self help manual that is essential to an individual, business or social gatherings and its main purpose is to help individuals in self actualization and provide support to people in an informal way.
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People first publication came in the year 1989 and from that time on it has had its gradual revisions. It is written by Stephen Covey and its main goal is to provide people with support and help for each other in an informal way, in other words it is a self-help book. It is meant to assist individuals to critically examine themselves and make a judgment on whether or not they are living up to the required standards .In summary, Covey has divided the book into three chapters and each of these chapters are aligned to one of the habits. In order for an organization to achieve its set goals and objectives it may need to apply mentality when doing business. By combining individual efforts and strengths, the organization will be at a better position to realize its profits and achieve better result. I have evaluated Coveys self-help book as follows:
Chapter one: Self mastery
The first three habits evolve around the art of self-mastery that is, moving from the state of being depended to being independent.
Habit 1 Be proactive. For you to be independent then you have to be proactive that is, you have to take initiative and responsibility in life keeping in mind that for you to become effective you have to make decisions and choices which in turn will allow you to take responsibility for the consequences.
Habit 2 Begin with the end in mind. It requires you to meditate on the life goals and character values that you consider of great importance. As individuals we have our own set of standards and values which we would love to meet at the end of the day. Therefore, it is important for us to align those values at our places of work, school, with other colleagues in order to meet our goals towards becoming effective.
Habit 3 Put things first. It requires you to prioritize, plan and execute your daily activities in accordance to their urgeny.One needs to examine whether their efforts display their desired character and whether they gear them towards achieving their goals. Therefore, it is important to discipline your self towards positive thinking.
Chapter two: Interdependence
Interdependence means working with others. You move from being independent to a stage where you can use your freedom to know how to relate with others. These habits describe how you need to work with others.
Habit 4 Think win-win. It requires one to develop mutual understanding and strive for mutual agreements as your relate with others. In this section, one needs to see the be...
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