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Pride and Prejudice a Personal Politics of Disability (Book Report Sample)


Complete the following information for a pre-approved (approved by Heather) book. You will submit the report as a double-spaced (12 pt font) document with the following sections:

  1. TITLE: create a title for your review.
  2. REVIEWER INFO: review authors’ (YOU!) name, year, and academic affiliation, (e.g., Aram Hernandez, Sophomore, Disability Studies Major.)
  3. POSITIONALITY STATEMENT: a few sentences describing your own positionality.
  4. BIBLIOGRAPHIC ENTRY: Complete citation (reference) for book (use readings in syllabus citation format)
  5. SUMMARY: 2-5 sentences (1 paragraph max) summarizing what the book generally about.
  6. REVIEW: A review of the book from a Disability Studies perspective.

REVIEW.  Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the author’s positionality?
  2. How does this positionality impact, influence, or shape the author’s subject matter? Provide evidence for your reasoning.
  3. Who is the target audience? Provide evidence for your reasoning.
  4. In what ways (if at all) does this book inform nondisabled people about disability?
  5. In what ways, if at all, does this book reinforce or promote the Socially Constructed framework of disability? (Hint: you will need to define and cite the Socially Constructed framework.)  Provide evidence (e.g., examples from the book) that supports your claim.
  6. In what ways, if at all, does this book reinforce or promote the deficit framework of disability? Provide evidence (e.g., examples from the book) that supports your claim.  (Hint: you will need to define and cite the Deficit framework)
  7. Identify any disability tropes employed in the book. Explain how these tropes work to support or challenge either framework.
  8. Based on your answers to Questions 5 and 6, would this be a book you would assign in a disability studies course? Explain your reasoning.

More generally, would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?


Your University of Affiliation
Pride and Prejudice a Personal Politics of Disability
Your Name
Your Subject and Section
Professor’s Name
Reviewer Info
Positionality Statement
Bibliographic Entry
Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice & Mansfield Park. 2018. Web.
Jane Austen’s book entitled Pride and Prejudice follow the lives of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy as they fight for love despite the inherent differences that they have. On the one hand, Elizabeth Bennett despite being smart, beautiful, and talented was born as landed gentry. On the other hand, Mr. Darcy was born with a higher status, yet arrogant and impulsive. During the start of the story, these differences between them would hinder them from liking each other, which Elizabeth is exhibiting pride against Darcy, and Darcy showing an innate prejudice against her. Nonetheless, the story would end with a romantic note as both of them would fall in love with each other.
The story Pride and Prejudice are certainly a classic that which most people read. While it’s plot is interesting to read, one of the reasons why it is required by teachers around the world is because it shows how societal norms could affect how we look at each other and perhaps hinder our ability to form meaningful relationships due to these. While this true nonetheless, I would like to note that cultural differences could still affect how the readers like me would interpret these messages that it is trying to portray. Being a natural-born Chinese, my perspectives about how relationships between people could become affected. Specifically, western culture could look at particular events in the book as a result of biases due to social hierarchy, I could perceive it as a certain social norm to which we should abide to. Aside from this, there are also other things which could affect how I view the whole story and the characters based on my background. Our Socioeconomic status, religion, upbringing, and peers could certainly affect how I view the characters in the story. One example perhaps, is how I view Mr. Darcy intentions and reasons for his actions. Just like most of us, our simple background in life would view Darcy’s arrogance as inappropriate. However, those coming from the higher echelons of the society could think differently being that Mr. Darcy’s arrogance is okay as he has the right.
Due to the nature of the whole piece and how the plot goes, it could be that the target audience for Austen’s story is those who live with the same social structure and hierarchy. Particularly speaking, this is because she satirizes not only how people create their division – that is through ‘pride and prejudice’ – but more so how does society contributes to the creation of these divisions. As could be seen in the novel, one of the reasons why Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth failed to connect with each other by the start of the story were because of the differences in class that they are born with. On the one hand, Mr. Darcy thinks poorly about Elizabeth despite her good qualities just because she is below him. On the other hand, Elizabeth failed to reach out to him because she prioritized the idea that she deserved better, rather than making a move to reconcile with him.
In a wider perspective, the story of the piece could also be related to how non-disabled people look and treat disabled one, especially regarding creating a meaningful relationship between them. On the one hand, a lot of non-disabled people thinks poorly or condescendingly about people who are afflicted with diseases that make them somehow

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