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Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbook (Book Report Sample)

Thesis statment(focus on plan of development) as far as compassion, courage and etc. First paragraph "Summarize" Second paragraph "Summarize" Third Paragraph "Analysis"(two or more paragraph) Forth paragraph "Analysis" (two or more paragraph) Fifth paragraph "Evaluation" (two or more paragraph) Sixth paragraph "Evaluation" (two or more paragraph) Conclusion summarize on restate main points. source..
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Tutor’s name  English Literature  12 July 2011
The Grapes of Wrath
By: John Steinbeck
      All through history, a number of great events have taken place that captured onlooker’s attention, both onlookers of that period as well as the onlookers who are not yet born.  Textbooks captured these events. The hearts of the people also played a part in preserving them. Writing experts played key roles in ensuring that the events are preserved in order for the future generations to remember and to be informed about the occurrences. The Grapes of Wrath is a book like such. In it, a significant historical event having enormous impact on a number of individuals was documented as well as preserved to be seen by the future generation. In the book, John Steinbeck talks of the unending tirade that hovered over the unending unemployment cycle, as well as the desire for happiness, stability, and independence.
      This novel starts with the scene that shows the consequences of a normal dust storm. The dust storm is not unique or rare at all, however, it takes place normally. Sand has calmed down, village men are assessing the damages that have been caused as children and women sit patiently waiting for them. This episode is passive, and talks of nobody in particular. It also talks to nobody in particular; rather, it talks generally to people as a whole. In the chapter that follows, the book starts Tom Joad’s narrative. He is a former convict who is looking for his former family members after being sentenced four years in jail. The narrative also occurs in Oklahoma.
      This changing pattern that takes place between the historical chapters which does not entail any direct action, and the ones of historical-fiction episodes, continues to change all though this book. It is noted that the length of historical chapters extend up to three chapters from a single chapter at ago. However, fictional chapters extend not more than a single chapter at ago.
      The author of the book showed the character’s feelings, the major theme, as well as timeframe in a manner that the ultimate effect is the one of an entire circle. Despite the fact that the story does not seem to end, its sense of accomplishment is ever present in a way that cannot be explainable.
      This novel entails an account of movements done by Joad’s family, Tom Senior, Tom Junior, Connie, Ruthie, Rosasharn, Winfield, Granpa, Granma, Ma, Uncle John, and also their best friend Casy, who is an ex-reverend. A number of crops grown in Texas as well as Oklahoma had been purchased by the bank. The bank applied an enhanced technology in order to farm, and reap. They also used technology for the preparation of crops with minimal efforts. Through the use of technology, commercial firms were rapidly created by the banks. The banks also made very huge profits. They did not think of the living creatures. They therefore ruined the...
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