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Effective Coaching and Leadership Principles Research (Book Report Sample)


Book is called: Bear Bryant on leadership by Pat Williams with Tommy Ford
Summarize the reading making the reader familiar with the theme and story of the reading 
Identify at least three important issues relevant to the coaching endeavor/profession 
With each of these issues present an example of how this issue was presented in the reading
Briefly summarize your opinion of these important points
How has this exercise improved your understanding or opinion on effective coaching

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Effective Coaching and Leadership Principles
The book Bear Bryant on Leadership: Life Lessons from a Six-Time National Championship Coach is written by Pat Williams and Tommy Ford. The book explores the theme of leadership through the context of a legendary coach, Paul William “Bear” Bryant. The book examines these leadership traits through the eyes of hundreds of players that Bryant coached, university presidents, and even fellow coaches. The book offers insights to the strengths, accomplishments, and the presence that Bryant brought into his leadership skills. This book analyzes the leadership attributes that made Bryant such a great coach. Pat and Tommy have used their understanding of leadership to show a practical understanding of this concept through the coaching efforts of Bryant (Williams and Ford 17).
The coaching endeavor requires a person who can inspire others or the players to want to achieve greater things that they think they can. This means letting them entertain greater possibilities by believing in themselves. Ideally, such a coach builds a player and not knocking this individual down. The idea is to build self-esteem in a practical way without praising mediocre gimmicks. Instead, the coach makes the effort to recognize when the players are doing what is right and use it to upright them (Stevens 13). The other issue that is relevant to coaching is good communication. The coach should not just be talking all the time without allowing the players to participate. The communication should be both ways where the coach also listens to the ideas or concerns of the players. This builds better understanding that translates in t...
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