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China and the Vietnam Wars by Qiang Zhai's (Book Report Sample)


Write a conclusion about (china and the Vietnam wars) this book has 9 chapters, every chapter need about half page of summary, and write about one page of reflection


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China and the Vietnam Wars by Qiang Zhai's
Qiang Zhai's China and the Vietnam Wars creates a closer look into the Chinese policy matters in relation to its neighbors, specifically the Indochina region, and the broader region including the Soviet Union and the United States. The book provides an insight into the role China played in the Indochina wars through its revolutionary policies. The country's influence on the region commences with recognition of its responsibility towards its communist neighbors and towards eradicating the escalation of foreign ideologies contravening its principles. A summary review of the book's nine chapters showcases some of the events depicting China's political influence in Indochina wars and its subsequent fall into bad books with some of its esteemed communist friends and the region to forging unprecedented necessity alliance with the United States.
1: Recognition and Assistance 1950-1953
China and Vietnam both face unique political challenges and resort to standing up against their ideological adversaries. Ho Chin Mh rapidly rises up the communist ladder in the Indochina region and gains recognition from the Soviet Union and China's leading party CPP. CPP recognizes the common ideologies between Ho Chin Mh makes it easy for both to come to each other's assistance and thus fostering a mutual relationship. Chairman Mao recognizes his communist influence on China and having enjoyed revolutionary success in the country sets upon cementing his influence in the Indochina region by supporting regional revolutionary movements within the region. He is quick to voice his objection against the imperialist invasion of China's neighboring countries and believes that it his responsibility to help out whenever the need arises. The chapter summarizes the details of China's role in fighting the French invasion and its political restructuring over the entire Indochina region
2. From Dien Bien Phu to Geneva
The author focuses on the war against colonial rule in Vietnam which is intensifying and the growing need for collaborated efforts to fight the French invaders. Inadequate logistical supplies put the revolutionaries at a disadvantage against the mighty and the well-supplied French army which hands Viet Minh's guerillas from his newly established base in Laos a devastating defeat. The adamant communist revolutionist prepares yet another attack amidst the unfavorable weather conditions. A coordinated attack by the French troops on Viet Minh's base in the River Delta turns disastrous as it fails to achieve its goal. A detailed account of China's efforts to nurse its wounds after its devastation in during the Korean War is highlighted and brings to the fore Mao's ability to manipulate and influence regional politics to his nation's advantage. Mao's right-hand man and a master of political manipulation is introduced in Zhou Enlai who carries out the Chairman's plan in forming a united front during the Geneva Convention against the escalation of imperialism in the region.
3. Consolidation and Unification
The author shift focus to China's restructuring of its economic and political structures in a domestic revolution. The period after the Geneva Convention presents an opportunity for the communist regime to review its foreign policy against the neutral countries in the Vietnam War as they presented a window for the manifestation of the Chairman's plan against the United States escalation in the region. The resourceful Zhou mends the broken relationship between China and the neutralist regimes in Cambodia and Laos with the promise of non-interference in their domestic affairs. However, the country failed to uphold its non-interference promise as once given the ...

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