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Changing Woman & Sister Nations by Heidi E. Edrich (Book Report Sample)


Review and write about Heid Erdrich and Laura Tohe, Sister Nations, “Forward,” “Introduction,”
and one reading from “Changing Woman,” pages 3 – 22
1. Identify two-to-three factual points that are discussed in the “Forward” and “Introduction.”
2. Choose one reading (from pages 3 – 22), identify the main factual points you've located in the “Forward” and “Introduction” and connect those with factual points in the reading you chose.
3. Find one non-fiction article (online or from the library) that explains the “facts in the fiction” that you identified in the Sister Nations reading.
4. Write a short essay that explains how the topics appear in the reading/poem/prose.
One-page, single-spaced, Times New Roman, typed one-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12-point font, cited with in-text citations [NO separate bibliography], and spelling/grammar checked.


The book talks about the culture and diversity of the Native American women their roles and activities as they change to the current world. It particularly looks at the experiences of the women in Navajo history, to try and bring out the general picture on the experiences of the rest of women. It is discovered that in the earlier days, the Native American women experienced high rate violence while in the United States of America. Studies have also proved that the three-quarters of the women were victims of sexual assault. It is also said that they had the women had the responsibility of taking care of their children and families at large thus facing a lot of hardship in their lives. This according to the book “Changing Women” by Laura and Heid Enrich.
The book also emphasizes the renewing power of the feminine, her creativity and the healing balance that arises as a result of their traditions. The study also outlines the spiritual and emotional costs undergone by the American Indian Women in their bicultural lifestyle. This was clearly evidenced by those who tried to pursue advanced educational training. According to the traditions too, the women were considered as the caretakers and the transmitters of cultural knowledge as a way of overcoming problems and enhancing self-determination as per Laura. And Heid Erich's book Sister Nation.
The article cl

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