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Between the World and Me Book Report Writing Assignment (Book Report Sample)


Between the World and Me - Read this book and write a report


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November 1, 2017
Between the World and Me Book Report
The story of the book Between the World and Me, revolves around the letter sent to Samori by his father, Ta-Nehisi Coates. In this letter he wrote about his history, thoughts, and personal experiences regarding the condition of African Americans as they grow up in America. More particularly, he narrated how he grew up the ghettos of Baltimore, where he learned how fight to survive in the harsh environment, although never fully accepting that this principles and the fact that is where he should and would end up in the future. As the story progresses, Coates would then narrate the journey that he would take to achieve his dreams in life, while detailing the journeys that he would take and the common misconceptions about the African American community. In line with this, I believe that what makes this book an eye-opening article is that it opens up the minds of the readers about what being “black” means during those times.
The Story of Ta-Nehisi Coates
Nevertheless, he also stated that despite that condition, he never fully upheld these principles and always aimed to achieve his dream one day. The author also included in the story how his father raised him up with an iron fist. According to him, this is usually the same for most African American parents, not because they're strict or moody, but because of the fact that it is one of the way to keep their children safe from this harsh environment. Because of this living conditions in their place that is characterized by inequality in both the access to human resources and the ability for self-expression, men have mostly embraced the characteristics of being loud and “swag”, to cope with these s

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