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Beowulf and Aeneas: Differences and Similarities (Book Report Sample)


Compare and contrast Beowulf and Aeneas characters. similarities and differences


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Beowulf and Aeneas: Differences and Similarities
“Beowulf” and “The Aeneid” present two dignified heroes with unique stories and characteristics. Beowulf, skeptical about determinism, is an arrogant and fierce warrior who kills monsters for glory without any supernatural aid. On the other hand, Aeneas is an individual who is called by fate and defeats enemies with supernatural assistance while showing responsibility for the people.
Beowulf, a self-proclaimed pagan, is prideful of his glorious past and violence toward foes. Early in the poem, Beowulf challenges what he deserves to be by stating that “Often, for undaunted courage, fate spares the man it has not already marked” (572-573). He makes this assertion when describing his swimming contest. Even though the narrator of “Beowulf” believes that God determines everyone's fate, Beowulf claims that if people’s fates have not yet been decided, they can thrive through sheer valorous behavior. This principle becomes Beowulf’s path toward glory which is evidenced by his brutal single battle against Grendel without any weapon.
His courage is so strong that any form of weaponry seems to weaken his abilities. Due to his Scandinavian nature, Beowulf pursues treasures as a symbol of his victory, once he realizes that death is inevitable. Thus, for him, any reward can be deemed substantial to his personal achievement. He, however, perishes after battling against the dragon; his reputation has been ingrained in his fellow’s minds.
Contrastingly, Aeneas is sympatheti

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