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The Awakening by Kate Chopin Writing Assignment (Book Report Sample)


Sent details by picture.
Can I get paragraph by paragraph? Like i need to submit one paragraph each day. So if possible, just send me the introduction paragraph when you finished, and then one body paragraph and so on.


The Awakening by Kate Chopin
The awakening is one of the American literature written by Kate Chopin. The story centers on a woman's transformation from being a housewife, a mother to someone who tries to gain self-awareness and independence beyond her family life (Chopin 165). Edna's awakening presents her quest for independence with much emphasis on individual's willpower. Even though Edna seek to be independent, she does not have the free will. Edna is controlled by societal forces and environment that leads her to commit suicide.
The Awakening is a story about Edna Pontellier struggling to live up to society's expectations. She is young mother with two children and a wife to a successful Businessman in New Orleans. While on a family vacation in one of the seaside resort, Edna meet Robert Lebrun, a young man who pays more attention to her than the husband (Chopin 172). Robert ignites the feelings of love that Edna had since forgotten. After returning from the trip, Edna throws all the things she feels can limit her from achieving the freedom as she searches for love and sexual fulfillment. Edna wants to live beyond taking care of her family and societal expectations (Chopin 310).
The novel setting suggests that social conditions and environment are the forces that shape Edna's character, progressing her awakening. Edna's environment presents what the society expected from a married woman. However, Edna believes that she needs to be independent and free (Chopin 189). Edna interaction with people from different environment allows her to grow as a dynamic character leading her to make the decisions she would not have thought of before her awakening. Edna is controlled by her environment and society plays a major part in her environment. The story presents va

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