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Book Report On Buddha In The Attic Summarize Reflection (Book Report Sample)


Return to the “we” writing you did on the first day of reading The Buddha in the Attic. Expand this piece into a longer work (2-3 pages, MLA format), telling the story of a group which you belong to. Remember that our focus this year is to delve deeply into culture and identity, and our focus for the novel were the themes of ignorance and fear; therefore, you may decide you need to change your “group” from your original pre-reading reflection.
Your reflection should mirror the narrative style of Buddha in the Attic, and should use dialogue and italics in a similar way. Make sure to include the thoughts and words of specific people in italics, along with descriptions of their actions: consider what is actually said, versus what is only thought. How do stereotypes emerge in interactions between your group and outsiders? How are these stereotypes both explicit and implicit? How are these stereotypes present both a positive and a negative impression of your group? How do these various stereotypes make you feel about your own group?
For the we mentioned at the beginning, please see the link.My novel name is Buddha in the Attic


Buddha in the Attic Summative Reflection
At School, we like many others, believe that everyone has the right to protection and respect for their honor even when they do not conform. Communication is the basis of culture since then we get a broad sense of what is expected and transmit information. We came to appreciate this after people we met made assumptions about us even when we had not had much interaction. As we talked, it became clear that we had not really thought much how others perceive us lazy for seemly being idle. Now that I think of the incident, I realize that there are those who will judge you and will still not change their minds because of their preconceived notions.
We appear to be in school, just for the sake of it, but some of us prefer what is practical, interacting with people is important, but the idea that everyone should be good in class ignores that people are different and have different interests. “You know, I have decided that trade school is the way for me”, said James. We often times talk about our future, and it is not like we have no aspirations, the difference is that we do not see ourselves in academia, and while we acknowledge education is important the world is changeling and practical and transferable skills are in high demand more than ever before
During group work, w

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