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Anthropology and Medicine (Book Report Sample)


This assignment only needs to be 1 page (double spaced) in length and I am not requiring any formal review of outside research. But I want you to go through the steps in order to see if there is any confusion that must be addressed before the submission of the first paper.
The Reading Reports should include:
I. A summary the assigned reading, which includes:
A statement about the main issue(s) addressed in the article.
A brief statement about each of the main points covered in the reading (key concepts, findings, etc.).
A brief review of the conclusions.
II. Context of readings: Explain why/ how you think this article relates to the weekly class topic - Anthropology and Medicine.
III. Applied Case Study: Find another article (online) that relates to the culture or to the system of care addressed in your summary. Quickly address how the course reading and your chosen article relate to one another. Address if the article you have chosen supports or refutes the claims made in the original article.

Anthropology and Medicine
The Hmong Americans have been facing a lot of challenges in relation to provision of medical services. The group that has its origin in China does not enjoy the quality health care that other communities enjoy in the United States. Some of the reasons that inhibit the provision of medical care to the Hmong include the language barrier, cultural beliefs about medicine and medical and religious beliefs. This greatly affects the health status of the ethnic group. However there are strategies that have been put in place to ensure improved medical care for the communities. One of them is integrating he cultural beliefs of the different ethnic groups in medicine so as to create a culturally competent health care system. The language barrier is set to be broken through educating the Hmong community to speak English. The article recommends the ...
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