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How to lie with maps? (Book Report Sample)

I have to write a book report on the book \\\"how to lie with maps\\\" and I have to include why I liked the book.The author is Mark Monmonier.I payed for single spaced to get the 550 words,Thank you source..
Report of the article
This book explains that maps have to lie because it represents a piece of earth scaled down into a two-dimensional projection of a spherical surface and omit details and distort the territory. The book explains that competing principles are used to choose simplification.
The revised edition of the book provides some variations but it does not address the use of color in Google maps which has improved the use of maps so that the actual color of an environment can be known. This treatment of the subject is countered with a few problems; the largest is that this book feels very dated. Statistics is an easier topic according to the book. Statistics has remained as it as twenty years ago
Cartography, on the contrary has gone frequently black and white to always color as has been completely revolutionized by computers.
The book also provides information about problems with finding authoritative information for the street maps and some of the examples of mistakes that are difficult to correct. The author also highlights some of the points which are obvious but whose implications such as the choice of breaks between grey-scale or color gradients and how they can change the apparent information of a map, or a large difference between graphing level and graphing density when dis...
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