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Individual and Social Models of Disability (Book Report Sample)


Required to write a work book of 2000 words as u can see on my attachment below.


You must respond to all four tasks.

a)   Compare and contrast the individual (medical) and social models of disability, illustrate your points using the example of work and employment in the UK.

b)   Answer the following question: why do people commit crime?  Use one or two theories discussed on this module to answer the question.

c)   Critically discuss the following statement: ‘Gender is a social construct’. 

How is ethnicity related to disadvantage in the UK? Illustrate your points making reference to education


Work Book
* Individual and Social Models of Disability
The modern society has been straightforward in tackling different concepts of medicine and disabilities. This is because of the various issues and concepts that can be gained through the community’s study and education on disabilities. Seeking the disabilities and generating the understanding is important as it maps the conduit of understanding the medical models in the community. Hence it is the bridge that separates the commonality and learning of the community based on their individual and social terms. Therefore, as the field of medicine has widened and increased over time, the community is being governed and grouped into different models of disabilities, which include individual and social models of disability.
Individual or medical model of disability
This is the most common and distinguished model of disability in the community. It lays the foundation important in supporting and offering information regarding development and creation of work (Moore & Scourfield 2002). The necessity is through the support and increase in variations based in individual terms. One of the many differences and issues about this model is the perception of disability as a personal aspect. Although it has been controversial in many models of medicine and scholars, it has been seen as a means through which different communities and societies are being fueled and categorized in form of learning and status. Thus, the concept that has been used in defining this is the definition that disability is a cause of individual or personal factors.
Another necessary aspect that has been explained is the creation and definition important in supporting the community through definition of disability as a means of limitations or losses (Moore & Scourfield 2002). This is common in the creation and definition of different terms and mannerism through which different people face disabilities. The nature through which different associations are offered based on community development is determined by the variations in psychological analysis and cognitive of perception. Therefore, the ability of an individual to conform to different aspects or functions is important, thus, the ineffectiveness that can be expressed by various individuals is a step back from the normal functioning. As a result, the medical terminology argues from the individual perspective and manner. This is necessary in supporting and offering the necessity of ideas and commitment important in offering the nature of disabilities. In this context, disabilities have been defined as another aspect of individual context and development.
Social Model of Disability
The modern society has seen a number of transformations from one perspective to another. In this model the action of disability is viewed as another important aspect that is essential in community de...
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