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Reading summary for an social work class Social Sciences Book Report (Book Report Sample)


This is an assignment for a social work class, please make sure you know what social work is, social work is not sociology.
I attached the syllabus, detailed requirements of this assignment and also an example, one written by my classmate( his report is based On reading of 2/04) but you don't have to follow his style of summary(better not).
My book report will based on the reading of 4/21, there are no text books so you just google the article listed and read them.
Please read the syllabus first so you can get an idea of what the course is about.
Let me know if you have any questions.


Summary of Readings and Discussion Facilitation:
On a weekly basis, students will—independently or with classmates-present a summary of two (or more) of the required readings on theoretical concepts for that week. Students must post their summary a minimum of 24 hours prior to class. Summaries should be brief, a series of bullet points and brief commentary. Students presenting a summary should pose one or two discussion questions during this 10-13 minutes presentation.

Policy and Practice ImplicationsRead 4 articles of your choice:
Chunn: “Welfare Law, Welfare Fraud, and the Moral
Regulation of the ‘Never Deserving’ Poor”
Goldberg: “Economic Inequality and Economic Crisis: A
Challenge for Social Workers”
Flaherty: “Saviors” believe that they are better than the
people they are “saving”
Hobbes: “Stop Trying to Save the World”
Giridharadas: “The New Elite’s Phonev Crusade to Save the
World -Without Changing Anything”
Bickford: “’We All Like to Think We’ve Saved Somebody’:
Sex Trafficking in Literature”
Recommended:Session 12 \pr 21,2020• Ferguson & Markey: “Please Stop Resurrecting the Moral
Panic Over Video Games and School Shootings”
Law: “How savior mentality stands in the wav of solidarity
organizing: An interview with Jordan Flaherty”
Crabapple: “Special Prostitution Courts and the Myths of
‘Rescuing’ Sex Workers”_


Book Report
Institutional Affiliation:
Book Report
Summary 1: The new elite’s phoney crusade to save the world- without changing anything
The article is a summary of the book Winners Take All: The Elite Charade the World by Anand Giridharadas. It is a highlight of how the pursuit of effecting social change and how it has led to the pronounced social segmentation and the realization of little or no change. It covers how the situation has fared through time and provides the ways the elites get involved in social welfare to ensure they control society.
* The first idea that the article highlights is the level of societal segmentation with defined differences between the elites and the ignorant, left and right, rich and poor in all aspects of life, i.e. social, political and economic. The author notes the vast difference between the rich and the poor, with 10% of the population controlling 85% of the world's wealth. To elaborate on the differences, the author picks the health sectors and explains how Americans have the worst health compared to other developed nations despite having the best medical research scientists. The same can be seen in the business innovation sector with regress in youth entrepreneurship by two-thirds in 2019 compared to the 1980s. These differences continue to expand with the wealth channelled towards the rich people while the poor get poorer. This phenomenon, according to the author, is created by the elites who control 'the system' to work in their favour. The main question that arises with this analysis of the social structure and control of social change mechanism is that- can the poor only be passive recipients of social change effected and controlled by the rich or can they take affirmative action to be drivers of progress?

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