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Book Report Thinking Outside the Girl Box by Linda Spatig (Book Report Sample)


Below is my prompt and I also added files that are class materials. Thank you
Book project with a Literature Review – 250 points
This project will be
based on this book, your reading the book, and your choice of a topic to research.
Required reading: Thinking Outside the Girl Box by Linda Spatig.
Introduction and Annotated Bibliography 100 points
1. Introductory paragraph(s): 50 points Write a short paragraph introducing your topic providing a
brief description, one or two facts about it, and the purpose of this project. This should include at
least one specific citation from Spatig's book that inspired your paper topic.
2. Annotated Bibliography (AB) APA style 50 points
The AB is more than a regular bibliography, it is the first step to finding articles to help you
conceptualize your project. To be clear you should have a minimum of eight peer-reviewed articles
for this project (NOT articles from class).
Paper –
Format and Structure, length 10 pages – 20 points
Citations 80 points - completed using class material and additional peer-reviewed articles
Discussion 30 points– Solid suggestions or highlighting something that's working based on
sociological concepts and/or theory
Grammar, spelling – 10 points
Citation style – 10 points
USE the following SECTION TITLES (e.g. Introduction, Body, etc.)
Introduction: (one page)
Introduce your topic of research in the context of a short summary of the book.
Body of the Paper: Review of the Literature: (five pages) Identify three themes/issues/factors
found in the scholarly articles that help answer your research question. Write your paragraphs by
these categories/themes/factors and then support them w/ citations from your articles.
Open this Section with an introduction paragraph that states the themes. And then write a few
paragraphs discussion those themes. End with a transition paragraph into the discussion.
Discussion: (two pages) Provide one to two paragraph discussion summarizing your paper and
connecting it to our class material (this will require at least one citation, consider theory and/or
specific concepts you have learned this semester). Include also a suggestion on a future projects,
program, or community-based solution based on what you have discovered in your literature
Reflexivity: (one page) End with a paragraph on how this requirement and experience impacted on
your understanding of youth and society.
Resource List: (one page) Include a Resource List that is properly cited using APA citation style.


Book Project
Thinking Outside the Girl Box by Linda Spatig
After several years in Lincoln County Girls' Resiliency Program (GRP), Teresa says, "I'm smart. And sometimes I have a good attitude; sometimes I don't. I always remind people of things. I always put in my ideas." Furthermore, Teresa describes herself confidently as a teacher and a leader and messenger (Spatig & Amerikaner, 2014, 66). Thinking outside the Girl Box by Linda Spatig reveals a true narration of progress in the development of youth program in a rural area of West Virginia. The book is a revelation of the practical insight of the participative ethnographic researches that young girls show to the society. The book is an insightful challenge to the girls confined in "the boxes" of male chauvinism and oppression in the society, especially in the USA. Thinking outside the girl box is a feminist analysis that supports and appreciates women and their role when they receive love, resiliency, development, democracy, and freedom of girls in the society. The present book project henceforth gives a detailed analysis of the book Thinking Outside the Girl Box by Linda Spatig elaborating on the different themes that answer the question on the role of various institutions in elevating women to reach their potentials in life.
Review of the Literature
Empowering women in the current society gain recognition globally with the majority of the women getting full access to education, job opportunities that men dominated as well as their rights in the political arena. Thinking Outside the Girl Box gives different narrations of the achievements of GRP focusing on the design for women to move beyond the scope of “girl boxes.” Shelley as mature women in the book takes the responsibility of managing the GRP. Together with other staffs and board members, the group emphasizes on the identification of the strength of women and their bold step to engage in top decision-making processes as well as ensuring that women get social justice to develop their future (Spatig & Amerikaner, 2014).
Various episodes on the book show that the current literature review aims at elaborating other existing research works on girl's education and empowerment as well as the role of different entities, educational research policy-making bodies about the elevation of girl's education. Furthermore, the review elaborates on other evaluative research reports that devote much of their information on improvement of women in the society.
Social and Cultural Barriers to Progress in Women
Women in the society continue to succumb to the gender-based roles that are resistant to feminist critiques. For instance, leadership for a long time has a link with the masculinity with women categorized as weak. Besides, biases lead to increase in suspicion that women are not to the task of performing leadership roles, especially in the political arena. Lack of women in the high power positions continues to change the perception of ability for women to take leadership roles. Therefore, GRP initiative in West Virginia changes such negative attitude. The book Think Outside Girl Box demonstrate an aspect of transformative leadership in women as young girls are brought up to face challenges in life with the determination of taking up the non-traditional approaches to administration. The girls get the mentorship process to bring them into the political arena to counter the high social biases (Alexander, 2012). Furthermore, GRP in West Virginia helps the girls to avoid constraints regarding family work as well as other constraints.
In most cases, women don't get the opportunity to delve into leadership positions as well as take part in t...

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