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Buddhism Religion & Theology Book Report Essay Term Paper (Book Report Sample)


Read Huston Smith, p. 92-97 (scroll to the bottom of the resources). Based upon the article type a reflection using this prompt (from activity p 78): "Buddhism holds that one is to work out your salvation with diligence." The reflection must make explicit reference to the article by Huston Smith, p92-97.


Buddhism follows the principle that for one to attain salvation, which was the last words spoken by Lord Buddha. Salvation can only be attained by focusing on persistent and careful behaviors and work. Humans social nature is complicated and advancing spiritually relies on individual effort to attain enlightenment while dealing with any predicaments that arise (Smith, 1958). Buddhism is a religion that relies on self-effort and patient, and a person has to use their initiative and effort, and this will allow them to attain salvation.
I believe people have to work out their salvation and how they can be better. A Buddhist practitioner should be enthusiastic that they will succeed. Every earthy thing is not satisfactory, and a person has to overcome their fears and misconceptions while being determined to attain salvation (Smith, 1958). Diligence is vital since it allows a person to understand religious truths. A person only has to be guided by Buddha, and

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