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Why The North Won The Civil War. Literature & Language Book Report (Book Report Sample)


You should examine the
theme of the book, and connect that theme with our class discussions and your readings
in the Tindall and Shi textbook. Because your papers and the examinations are based on
material covered in the classroom, class attendance is essential.( the book link is at the below)
here is the course time line:
October 23: Economic and social change
Read: T&S, 9
October 25: Early industrialization
October 28: Internal improvements
Read: T&S, 10
October 30: The Age of Jackson: leaders
November 1: The Age of Jackson: policies
Read: T&S, 11
November 4: The Age of Jackson: policies
November 6: The antebellum South
Read: T&S, 12
November 8: Reform and reformers
November 11: Reform and reformers
November 13: Manifest Destiny; The Mexican War
Read: T&S, 13
November 15: The Compromise of 1850
November 18: Kansas and Nebraska; Dred Scott
November 20: Lincoln-Douglas; Harper’s Ferry
November 22: The breakup of the Union
Read: T&S, 14
November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break, no class
December 2: The Civil War
Read: T&S, 15
book link: https://www(dot)amazon(dot)com/gp/product/kindle-redemption/B06XGQZ54H?_encoding=UTF8&ie=UTF8&kinRedeem=GIFT&kinRedeemToken=GSAC6L82HG4BRX6&ref=pe_kinw_eml_rdm&ref_=pe_2549720_191942230


Why the North Won the Civil War
There are several factors that can help to win a war. In addition to the factors, it can also call for a sheer stroke of luck for any individual or group to win. For the North, these two intersected. Overcoming a war therefore requires several qualities including economic stability, improved weapons and above all better strategies to adhere to during the war for both short and long-term goals. The book Why the North won the Civil War by David Herbert Donald, has a theme that revolves around how a war is won with major focus on the North’s victory during the civil war. It has a collection of arguments that revolve around the military, diplomatic prowess, socioeconomic and political strength, as well as organization of the two warring sides. The Civil War itself was fueled by a number of things, with the main one being the abolition of slavery, which the South greatly opposed due to their vast agricultural plantations that were tended to by the slaves. There are some of the elements as stated Donald’s collection and analysis in the book that helped the North to triumph the South in the Civil War.

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