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Reading Report Assignment: Grade 11 Thistletown Collegiate (Book Report Sample)


I am ESL student ,and please the general words and sample grammar.
In the commentary please write one source by the article and one main reason .
double space
new roman size 12
write summary and commentary


Summary and Commentary
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February 26, 2018
I agree when the author says that the reports done on Grade 11 Thistletown Collegiate students were a small victory against what they call as the “epidemic” of modern obesity. This is because I believe that even the slightest change in how our school curriculum works, could certainly go a long way into developing a child's preference, and thus his/her diet. However, I also question that author when he said that the front and center of food obesity, is teaching the children to feed themselves. One reason that I don't necessarily think like that is that, while it is one of the core problems, a lot of other issues which originates from “the system” poses a bigger threat. For instance, the state's (some) favor towards huge food conglomerations and their products (i.e. Junk Foods) due to their ability to lobby and influence the politicians in one way or another. From my point of view, what the author was calling a “libertarian objection” to a legislative proposal is not exactly that effect in general. There are several reasons as to why these corporations are winning in general. One is that relatively speaking, many corporations have milli

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