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John Perry Barlow: Declaration of the independence of cyberspace. (Book Report Sample)


Please provide me the answers of "A. Cyberspace- John Perry Barlow: Declaration of the independence of cyberspace." There are three questions are listed on the PDF .
Also here is three more questions need to be answered.
1. John Perry Barlow (1996) - A Declaration of independence of cyberspace that has focuse on two issues
- Please provide me the anti-government vision statement from the PDF and explain it why do you think that this is an "Anti-government vision of statement" , Is there any similarity of legal cases?
-What is the meaning of the "Placeness" of his description of cyberspace?
2. How does this parallel of the declaration of independence?
3. Does Barlow's appeal hold up over time?
4. What is Barlow's main argument?
5. Why is speech important to Barlow?


John Perry Barlow (1996)
John Perry Barlow (1996)
A. Cyberspace- John Perry Barlow: Declaration of the independence of cyberspace."
Question 1
The instant appeal from the essay is that it shows how governments are trying to control the internet even though it is something that they cannot accomplish. The essay compares the internet to a new county with unique citizens and guided by a new Social Contract. It reveals how the identity of the internet is spread over several jurisdictions, so this makes it hard to control it. As Lessig code 2.0 suggests, the internet should not have any legal limitations since they would act as a constraining factor. However, the internet has norms where users have their attributes and unwritten rules, which is described as the Golden rule. 

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