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The Success Story of One Minority Group in the United States (Book Report Sample)


Each response paper will be 600 words in length. Please double-space paper.
A response paper will allow you to show deep thinking about any of the previous readings. What can you bring to the ideas in these readings that you believe is original? What do you suppose the average reader may have missed? Don't just summarize the reading. This paper should contain original ideas that you and you alone have formulated.
Please don't write too many complicated words.
There are 6 topic of reading you can choose to base on, or argue with.


Response Paper
The Success Story of One Minority Group in the United States
In this story that was published in the U.S News World Report, is about how the Chinese-Americans have been able to beat all odds and managed to amass as much wealth as they could. This has enabled them to gain respect and they are successful as a result of their own hardworking nature. In the article, the writer has intensively written about how Chinese young people are studying hard in their various schools to enable them get the right skills to enable them succeed in their careers. Within the article, it has also been written or reported that those towns being occupied by the people of Chinese origin, and these towns are also referred to as the Chinatown or San Francisco are generally peaceful and there are very few cases of criminal activities. One of the main things or ideas being taught in these areas is based on the idea people ought to be depending on their own efforts. It seems that they are being taught to always depend on their own strength and should not on the welfare check-in order to reach the famous America's promise land. Personally, I found that this quote was an outstanding when I was reading the article (Osajima, 2005).
It is important to remember that when going to a new country, one should not be trying his or her best to make it on his or her own so as to reach the American dream. The other quote that I like about the article is where it has described the Chinese people living in these areas; as being able to pull themselves together from a state of hardships and discrimination so as to become a model of self-respect and their own achievements in current America. The idea of low criminal activities that was earlier mentioned in the article has been brought by the idea of st

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