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Book Report/Options: Democracy Matters by Cornel West (Book Report Sample)


Book Report Format
Currently taking Texas & Local Government class.
1. Please follow the format given below:
Give the title, author, publisher, date and place of publication in the first paragraph. 
2. In a paragraph I want you to state the thesis of the book.
3. In the body of the report describe the main contents of the book.
4. In the last section of your report I want your opinion on the book and how you can relate its contents to the course.
find the political undertone/ideas in the book, and explain how they relate to public policies in Texas government.
2. The report must be at least three pages long.
Please use APA citation if you cite your book. 
3. The criteria for grading will be based on your understanding of the main political ideas found in the story.
Keep it clear and concise, please don't repeat and run-on.
Optional books to choose from:
1. Democracy Matters by Cornel West
2. Allies by William Shawcross
3. Gangs of America by Ted Nace
4. Power and the Idealists by Paul Berman
5. Economic Hit Man –John Perkins
6. Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky
7. Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
8. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
9. 1984 by George Orwell
10. Animal Farm by George Orwell
11. Wicked-Gregory Maguire
12. Arrows of the Night by-Richard Bonin
13. People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn
14. Black Banners- Ali Soufan
15. The Reluctant Spy- John Kiriakou
16. A Call To Action-Jimmy Carter


Student's Name:
Professor's Name:
Course Title:
Democracy Matters is a book written by Cornel West. It is a widely known book published by Penguin Press in 2004.The press is located in City of Westminster, New York, London. West is a professor and his works are visible in public popular liberal intellectuals. He discusses about race, philosophy, theology, and history. Besides, the author presents a mini introduction which sets up his critique, promotion and the defense of democracy.
West notes the unprecedented gangsterization in the U.S as well as its suffocation of democratic engines. He addresses modern issues relating to power and empire. For instance, struggle for the Palestine and the urban youth culture. The author analyses the arrested development of democracy both in the crisis ridden Middle East and America. However, in a strikingly diagnosis it is perceptible that if the countries are to become a better steward of democratization across the globe, we must unveil the long political history of imperialist corruption that plagues our own democracy.
West (2004) addresses the different aspects that relate to democracy. He talks about democracy issues, especially in America, its significance as well as the threats related to democracy. In addition, he recognizes the fact that racism still exists in the U.S. West establishes the concept of rejection of all moral and religious principles in the argument that they are meaningless. This rejection is manifested in paternalistic, sentimental and Evangelical matters. In Evangelical nihilism, he explains about the people who mock integrity, principle and truth. They argue that force, power and might state wanted political measures and what is correct instead of following the required moral principles. This is seen in Thrasymachus who emphasized the same to the Socrates.
Furthermore, the author relates this with the America's Republican Party and George Bush who have manipulated, lied as well as abusing the power given to them. They do this with an intention of establishing American dominance all over the world. George Bush served as a Governor in Texas government, in the US. His roles and responsibilities in the political structure were to serve as a commander-in-chief and also grant reprieves and commutations in Texas...
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