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Public Administration: Foundation of American Governance (Article Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to evaluate current public policy issues and their treatment in the media in light of the concepts covered in the readings and discussions occurring in the course. The news articles you select must illustrate a real-world application, or, where appropriate, a lack of application, of one or more of the concepts covered in the readings of the same module/week. Your essay must be critical reviews of the articles, meaning that you must provide your own analysis regarding the articles, rather than simply summarizing them.
News Article Selection Guidelines
The articles or news stories that you choose must be:
• found in a newspaper, on a news program, or from another reputable media source (including reputable Internet sources);
• published within the last month; and
• clearly illustrative of the application, or failure to apply, one or more of the concepts covered in the course (Judeo-Christian Worldview).
Essay Guidelines
Your essay must be ½-1 page, double-spaced. In the essay, you must summarize the article in order to demonstrate your comprehension of the content. Additionally, you must identify key elements discussed in the article and relate those elements back to concepts discussed in the course. Discuss whether the situation described in the article implements any of the concepts discussed in the course or if there are possible ways that concepts from the course could be implemented.
At the end of the essay, provide the complete citation for the article (including the publication date). If possible, you should include the actual article either by pasting it at the end of the document or by providing a link to the article. Format the essay and citation in current Turabian style.


Introduction to Public Administration: Foundation of American Governance
Name of Student
Governance of United States is founded on the Judeo-Christian principles. These principles have guided the nation's founding fathers in drafting necessary documents like a bill of rights and Constitution. Though these founders were not all Christians, they were in much agreement about the principles found in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament forming a section of ethics called Judeo-Christian. These principles guide on issues of protection of human dignity, work ethics, common decency and God centered education. However, some of these principles have been violated in various aspects.
I will discuss two articles one about protection of life from conception which respects the principle of human dignity. The second article outlines how America has failed to meet the ethics of work by paying women less than their male counterparts. [. Denton, Joshua. "President Trump: "Children are endowed from Conception With Value, Purpose and Human Dignity"." CALIFORNIA FAMILY COUNCIL, April 3, 2018] [. Omens, Alison. "Equl Pay for Women: Why the US Needs To Catch Up On Data Disclosure And Transparency." Forbes, April 10, 2018.]
1st Article: Protection of Human Dignity
United States President Donald Trump in a Proclamation he gave on 29th March this year, he said that life begins at conception and that children should be received with purpose, value and human dignity is placed upon conception. He went ahead and declared the month of April to be ‘Child Abuse Protection Month'. He argues that children are

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