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International business: summarizing the article (Dell - computer manufacturing company) (Article Sample)

Write a brief paper, 1-2 pages, summarizing the article and include your reaction to them. Cite your reference. Include a statement of the purpose of your paper in the first paragraph, and have a conclusion paragraph at the end. - Include an introductory paragraph stating the purpose of your paper. - Summary of the article - Include your thoughts about and reaction to the article. - Include a conclusion paragraph at the end. - Properly cite your reference(s) in the body of the paper (even with only one reference) and on the Works Cited page. You may use additional references. - Length should be about 2-3 pages, excluding the reference page. source..
Dell is a computer manufacturing company that is involved in international exportation of its products. The company has used a variety of techniques to make its products appealing to consumers both in U. S and overseas. Dell is an example of a manufacturer which developed a marketing strategy to beat other competitors in India in the distribution of computers in India. This article tries to give a summary of how this strategy was achieved (Buckley 12).
Summary of the article
This article explains how Dell came from behind to become the leading computer distributor in India. The article explains that this was achieved by first setting up direct made-to order model and online models in the U.S. This article also explains that before the introduction of Dell in India, the main distributors of computers were HPQ and Lenovo. By the year 2010, Dell was the leading distributor of computers at 15.3% followed by HP at 14.7%l. On the distribution front, Dell left the national, regional and retail distribution model to adopt a model used by insurance agents. This allowed registered individual sales affiliates to reach out to individual customers in person and give them a first-hand product experience at their doorstep (How Dell conquered India 3). This reduced extensively the cost of credit lines and incentive structures. It also entered into affiliation with companies such as Tata group’s Croma for shop-in shop counter for its products.
The article also explains that the level of competition is expected to be high as other competitors such as HP and Lenovo reorganize to fight back.
In attempt to protect itself from bouncing back of other competitors, Dell has closed factories in overseas outlets in an effort to save $4 billion in operating costs. According to Sameer Garde, vice president of the EOM solutions at Dell in the U.S, the aim is to have a profitable revenue market share (Indigo 29).
Dell is also making use of opportunities in the consumer market in the manufacture of its products. Due to increased data access and increased demand for solutions around mobility, it has diverted into diversification of its products and now produces smart phones, tablets and printers. For instance, the Vostro notebook was devised to reach the small scale business segment. This technique has been succes...
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