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The Ethical case for review: The Sorry Side of Sears (Article Sample)

You are required to do the following: 1. Write a one-paragraph summary of the case; 2. Identify at least three legal issues and at least three ethical issues raised in the case; 3. Evaluate and/or rationalize SEARS reasons for their action; 4. How may this action affect SEARS long-term business interest ; and 5. Do justice and/or equity require punitive action against SEARS, explain. Please write your full name and section number on all written assignments. The paper must be appropriately sub-headed and paragraphed, shall be typewritten, double-spaced on 8 /2 X 11 inches paper, on 12in font. It must be no more than three (3) pages. Thank you. source..
Summary of the case
In the year 1997 during the spring, Arthur Martinez, the boss of the company received news that his employees had been secretly violating the federal law and using it to their advantage for over ten years from his lawyers in the Roebuck and Company. This story was exposed after there was a case which exposed the company as bankrupt by the Boston court and it was going to result into a very big scandal that would be featured throughout the country. The accusation was that the employees of the company was had secretly been violating the rights of credit card holders with the intent of stealing money from them. This was argued out as a misinterpretation of the law to suit their interests instead of the customer`s interests. The boss said that this was one of the lowest moments of the company and further called it sick.
Legal issues and Ethical issues raised in the case
The three league issues and three ethical issues raised in this case included compromising with the company`s integrity, behaving in an untruthful manner and lack of the ability to confront the unethical behaviors that have resulted from the misconduct of the company as well as lack of confidentiality compromise since the company employees accessed the company`s secret information and used it in mischievous ways.
On the other hand, there are several legal issues which were brought into light by the incident include higher account delinquencies as well as increased bankruptcies and uncontrollable expenses consumer from the onset of 1997 and extending up to the early months of 1998, in addition to the above Sears continued to experience more and greater uncollectible expenses which were recorded on the folio of credit cards given to the users which would later affect the financial stability of sears very adversely especially in 1997. In addition to this, the Sears Company also was accused of being overaggressive in a very systematic manner as well as continued threat to customers who are creditors.
SEARS reasons for th...
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