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President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis Captured (Article Sample)


Publish a newspaper from 1865 the last year of the Civil War. You need to choose a name and location (city and state) for their newspaper. Will you be located in the north or the south? Your perspective should reflect your location. 
Topics in the newspaper must include: President of the Union Abraham Lincoln, President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis, General of the South Robert E Lee, General of the North Ulysses S Grant, 2 Abolitionist Movement (Fredrick Douglass, Harriet Tubman/Underground Railroad), Women's Movement, 2 major battles during the civil war (Include generals, location, maps, dates, casualties, etc.), General Stonewall Jackson (Confederate General), General William Tecumseh Sherman (Union General), Uniforms, Music/Art/Pop Culture, New Products/New Inventions, Weapons of the civil war, Advertisements, Want Ads/Classifieds, Fun Page/Games/Crossword Puzzles/Advice Columns, etc.
Each published article needs to have a day, month, year, title, and an author. Picture of sketch is welcome. All published articles must be word processed in the same font and size. Font size should be 12. Titles should be 18 depending on the importance of the article. Don't page headline should be 25-30 font. Single spaced printed using the two (2) column options on your computer. Ten pages front and back. 
Include the name, location, and date of your paper. Include a front page headline for the cover


President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis captured
Tuesday, 10th May 1965
By Brandon Champion

Efforts to salvage the fallen government of Confederacy completely vanished into thin air on Tuesday May 1965 when the key leader, Jefferson Davis is captured. The Captivators emerged at him in Irwinville, Georgia, together with his wife.
All began on second April when the Confederate lost the battle at Petersburg, Virginia. As a result of the defeat, General Robert E. Lee expressed his will to surrender by informing President Davis that he was no longer going to protect Richmond urging the confederate government to leave the capital. Davis heeded to the advice and left the capital to hide in Danville, Virginia. Consequently, Robert E. surrendered on 9th April bringing the cold war to towards the end.
Davis was humiliated by the fall of his government, and he chose not to concede the defeat and hoped that he would run to a sympathetic country such as France from where he could form a government. His dream was cut short when a detachment that was part of the Fourth Michigan Calvary arrested him. He was caught wearing a black shawl that belonged to his wife pretending to be a woman so that he could escape.
Davis was taken to Fort Monroe prison in Virginia where he was accused of treason though was never tried in a court of law. The federal government felt that they did not have enough evidence to prove his charges and that Davis could justify to the jury that his succession of 1860 to 1861 was by law. Varina, his wife, struggled hard to convince the federal government to free her husband and her efforts together with other Northerners bared fruits on 1867 when Davis was released.
Monday, 15th April 1865
Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln
By  HYPERLINK "" \o "More Posts by Mike Weisser" 
Mike Weisser
Monday, 15th April 1865

Early morning of 15th April, Americans woke up to the shocking news of the death of the 16th President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was shot by Wilkes Booth at the night of 14th, only six days after the civil war. Booth, who was a Confederate sympathizer, had remained in the North all through the civil war. Booth had planned to kidnap Lincoln on March twentieth so that he could submit Lincoln to Confederate capital which was based in Richmond but Lincoln did not appear where Booth had waited with other six men.
Lincoln had attended Laura Keene's performance at the Ford's Theatre that night. Booth had learned of his attendance earlier and planned to prosecute the murder. Booth planned to kill Lincoln, Andrew Johnson (Vice President) and State Wiliam (secretary). Booth saw the two as possible successors of Lincoln, and he did not want to spare either.
One of the conspirators linked to Booth, Lewis T. Powell, broke into State Steward's home on the evening of the same day 14th April where he seriously wounded State and three other friends who were in the compound. On the other hand, George A. Atzerodt, who had been given the assignment to assassinate the vice president, failed to gather enough courage to execute the murder and fled away. At around 10 pm in the night, Booth got his way into Lincoln's box unnoticed by the guards where he shot the president with a single bullet on the back of his head before he was interrupted by a guard who ran to him. Booth turned to the guard and shot him to death as he jumped out of the box where he broke his leg. Even though Booth had broken his leg, he managed to run away out of Washington. Lincoln was taken to a lodging house opposite to Ford's Theatre where he spent the night until the early morning of 15th when he passed away.
Fortunes of General of the South Robert E Lee
 HYPERLINK "/2016/06/10/us/washington-national-cathedral-to-rid-windows-of-confeder...
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