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Folk & Popular Culture Article (Article Sample)

Cultural Geography Article Assignment Folk & Popular Culture 10 points Homework Rules: Must be typed, double spaced with 1” margins. To receive full credit, each question must be fully answered in your own words. If you use a direct quote or paraphrase the author of the article, you must properly cite using The Chicago Manual of Style (see the syllabus for examples). Any portion of your homework not properly cited, you will receive a ZERO for plagiarism (one sentence, paragraph or entire paper). No Exceptions!!! Folk & Popular Culture Article Shortridge, Barbara G., \"A Food Geography of the Great Plains.\" The Geographical Review 93, 4 (2003): Pp. 507 - 529. Discussion Questions 1. What is the Great Plains stereotypical meal? 2. Why would the Southern Great Plains not choose to cook a roast? 3. Historically, if you served a JELLO dish it said what about you? 4. Did any of the articles results about food preferences in the Great Plains surprise you? 5. What aspects of the results did not surprise you (as in common sense)? 6. Assume that you can cook, what type of meal would you make for a visitor from a different region of our country? 7. What restaurant would you bring a visitor that had never been to Southern California?  source..

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The Majority of the population in the Great Plains region happen to be lovers of meat. This is not strange since the main activities in this place constitute farming and cattle rearing. Methods of serving the meat depend on the people’s preference in the different regions. For instance, in the northern states of California, people would like to be served with steak and roasted meat. In the southern states, brisket and fried steak are the most preferred. In terms of drink, the preference here is mostly on iced tea, coffee, beer and milk in that order. The most popular vegetable in this place happens to be lettuce, which is usually served as a salad. A few individuals however prefer cooked vegetables to fresh ones except grains such as beans.
Potatoes are among the most preferred starch, the levels preference again varying depending on the regions between mashed and baked ones. The potatoes are in most cases served with either cornbread or tortillas bread, again following their prevalence. Among the fruits, chocolate cakes, brownies and apple pies were the most preferred. These were followed by cherry pie and pecan.
The residents in Southern California prefer fried meat over roasted; this is mainly because of their culture and tradition, which made use of butter very popular for the southerners. In many stores in the southern region, you will mostly find fried meat in their stores.
Communities have been surviving on meat for years, perhaps even centuries. Now comes JELLO. JELLO is at once very traditional, yet at the same time one of the defining aspects of modernist cooking. It includes modeled jell-O salads and tomato aspic is cherished dishes whose roots reach back over 100 years ago.
What surprised me is that people in this region take potatoes with bread. These foods are considered starch and I wonder how they match when taken together. Another surprise for me was that many individuals preferred fresh vegetables to cooked ones. Taking raw vegetables is almost unheard of in some cultures; this is not a very common practice across cultures. What did not surprise me however was the issue of meat being the staple food for the people of the northern California. Learning on the type of activities practised here makes it easy to decipher on why they adore meat and the related products.
In a practical sense, people from other regions may not have prevalence or rather knowledge of the common food in our region; hence, if I were to prepare some food for a visitor, I would first endeavour to inquire about the common food in his or her region and then seek for ways of preparing the food. It would be absurd to prepare meals that the visitor may not like. However, I would put meat top on the list since many people mostly adore it. Depending on where the visitor comes from, the meat would either be fried or ro...
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