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Environmental Conflicts (Article Sample)

Hi! I need to write a blog about a week reading an I have to post them. Here is soem course outline what we learn in this course. Because it is a Local community conlict I have to let you know I live in Canada!!!! In this course, we will examine the various kinds of conflicts that arise in local communities, and ask how these communities find effective, creative and ethical ways to respond to them. Our interest will be in both community-based problems and solutions, in order to better understand what conflict scholars and practitioners can learn from grassroots and bottom-up approaches to conflict. We will balance theoretical approaches to understanding different issues in community-based conflicts, as well as case studies to help us think through how the issues we are discussing manifest themselves in specific circumstances. I need to write a blog about a week reading an I have to post them. Instruction: The hope is that through your own writing, as well as reading that of your classmates', you will be able to process and analyze course topics and form your own opinions on them before even setting foot in class, thus forming a productive starting point for how we use our class time. Posts should be between 500-700 words each. Blogging is a less formal medium than essay-writing, and we will discuss the expectations for blog posts in class. In general, even if you are somewhat more casual in your writing, you still must use correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, full sentences and paragraphs. Your posts should reflect your opinions on the material you are grappling with, whether that material consists of course readings, news items, or both. You must, however, explain and substantiate your opinions. For example, it is not enough to say, "I thought the author of this article was wrong", but rather you should tell me "I thought the author of this article was wrong, because I don't think that tactic was implementable in this particular context, and let me tell to you why." Please do feel free to link to other sources online that back up your points or have informed your opinion. When referencing any texts, you do not need to fully cite them, but you must still tell us the author, publication and page number you are referring to. Environmental Conflicts How do local communities organize around environmental conflicts? How can power asymmetries between communities and private actors be resolved? How do aboriginal communities, in particular, approach these conflicts? Required Readings: 1. James E. Crowfoot and Julia M. Wondolleck. (1990) "Citizen Organizations and Environmental Conflict." Chapter 1 of Environmental Disputes: Community Involvement in Conflict Resolution. Island Press. (CR); 2. George Hoberg, Andrea Rivers & Geoff Salomons. (2012) "Comparative Pipeline Politics: Oil Sands Pipeline Controversies in Canada and the United States." Conference Paper. (BBV); 3. Cristina Eghenter. (2002) "Planning for Community-Based Management of Conservation Areas: Indigenous Forest Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in the Kayan Mentarang National Park, East Kalimantang, Indonesia." In D. Chatty & M. Colchester (eds.) Conservation and Mobile Indigenous Peoples. Berghan Books. (CR). If you have any question please feel free to ask me. Thanks source..

Environmental Conflicts
[Course Title]
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Environmental Conflicts
There have been a number of instances in the recent past that indicate the rise in environmental conflicts. With increasing industrialization and deforestation in the recent times, a number of environmental conflicts have come to foreground and local communities organize around these conflicts in different ways.
Even though large organizations are required to comply with their code of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, it cannot be denied that their operations have a significant negative impact on the environment. Organizations that are manufacturing concerns run factories that release enormous amounts of gases that are dangerous to the environment as a whole. Such manufacturing concerns are also consuming the natural resources at an alarming pace. These activities of the organizations create environmental conflicts between local communities and such organizations, and sometimes among the local communities (Crowfoot & Wondolleck, 1990).
The local communities organize around such conflicts by raising their concerns and forwarding the possible resolution of the issue to the relevant authorities. Local communities discuss the issues and determine the extent to which the issues can impact the environment. It is determined by the local communities whether to raise their concerns through regulatory authorities or through some other channel such as through the media. The local communities play a significant role in environment conflicts because they are aware of the impacts of the situation at the most basic level. T...
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