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Crime and Victimization (Article Sample)


Using the online library, download 2 peer-reviewed journal articles on a criminal justice related topic. Provide in proper APA Style format 350 word summaries for each article. Be sure to use sub-headings between article summaries. All citations should be in proper APA format. In summarizing the articles, answer the following questions for each article:
1. What is the purpose of the research?
2. Who or what was studied?
3. What were the findings, i.e. what was discovered?
4. Are the findings logical?
5. Are the conclusions made by the researcher sound?
Peer-reviewed journal articles include American Journal of Criminal Justice, American Journal of Sociology, Crime and Delinquency, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and MANY more. Other Social Science peer-reviewed articles are acceptable, provided the articles are from peer-reviewed journals. Government publications and news articles are not acceptable.


Crime and victimization
Zavala, E., & Spohn, R. E. (2013). The role of vicarious and anticipated strain on the overlap of violent perpetration and victimization: A test of general strain theory. American Journal of Criminal Justice : AJCJ, 38(1), 119-140. doi:
Research purpose
Zavala & Spohn (2013), delved into the relation between offending and victimization while also relying on the strain theory proposed by Agnew, and the framework enabled the researchers to understand how offending and victimization could be explained using the theory. A review of past literature suggested that there are various facets to the link between victim and offending.
Study subjects
In order to understand the overlap between offending and victimization, the study participants were 734 sophomore and junior male students some of whom had reported being victimized while others were perpetrators (Zavala & Spohn, 2013). At the same time, some respondents reported being both victims and perpetrators. Zavala & Spohn (2013) also focused on the level of aggression and delinquency and how this explained victimization.
Zavala & Spohn (2013), used victimization and perpetration as the dependable variables, while the independent variables explained both anticipated strain and vicarious strain. The researchers found out that respondents who had high levels of vicarious strain were at a higher risk of being victims to violent crime. Additionally, anticipated strain was reported to be significantly associated with victimization and perpetration, while those who had previous reports of delinquency were more likely to suffer victimization.
The Findings soundness The findings support previous studies that suggest that vicarious strain is associated with delinquency and victimization (Zavala & Spohn, 2013). The likelihood that youths who hav...
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