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Journal article review for clinical mental health counseling program. Forgiveness Therapy: A Clinical Intervention for Chronic Disease (Article Sample)


You will write a Journal Article Review in Week 1, which will be based on your choice of articles from the professional, peer-reviewed journal articles provided in the Assignment Instructions folder. No outside articles will be accepted. Each Journal Article Review must be approximately 3–5 double-spaced pages (not including the title and reference pages) and must be created in a Microsoft Word document. Use the following guidelines to create your paper:
1. Provide a title page in current APA format which is the 7th edition APA format.
2. Develop a summary of the main concepts from the article. Do not duplicate the article’s abstract. If the article describes a research study, include brief statements about the hypotheses, methods, results, discussion, and implications. If any test measures or statistical methods used are given in the article, do not provide detailed descriptions of these. Short direct quotations from the article are acceptable, but avoid long quotations in a paper this size. This section is the foundation of your Journal Article Review (at least a third of your paper). Make sure that you include the core points from the article, even if it means a longer section. Do not reference any additional articles in your summary.
3. In your own words, interact (in approximately 1 page) with the article. Appropriate comments for this part of the paper should include, but are not limited to: your initial response to the article, comments regarding the study’s design or methodology (if any), insights you gained from reading the article, your reasons for being interested in this particular article, any other readings that you may plan to do based upon having read the article, and other thoughts you have that might further enhance the discussion of your article. Your subjective comments in this section must be clearly tied to main points from the article, not peripheral ideas. Again, do not reference any other article.
4. In your final section (in approximately 1 page) write how you would apply the information you have learned from this article to a particular counseling situation. This could be in a church or clinical session. Develop this section as if you are a pastor or clinician and your parishioner or client has come to you with a problem—grief, depression, substance abuse, infidelity, etc.—and is needing your help. Adequately describe the counseling scenario, including the presenting problem. Draw out concepts from the article and apply the concepts to the scenario as if you were guided only by the content of the article. Show the reader how you are expressly drawing from the journal article in this application section; be sure to cite correctly in current APA format.
5. Provide the complete citation for the article being summarized on a reference page in current APA format.
Here is the article of my choice:
Please let me know if you need any other information and please take into consideration that this paper will be submitted through safe-assign which detects plagiarism in a very accurate way.
The deadline is tomorrow at 11 pm eastern time. Please if you can to provide the paper before the deadline.
Thank you


A review of:
“Forgiveness Therapy: A Clinical Intervention for Chronic Disease”
Institutional Affiliation:
Author Note
A review of:
“Forgiveness Therapy: A Clinical Intervention for Chronic Disease”
According to Barbara (2011), several chronic illnesses portray a variety of social and interpersonal aetiologies (p. 240). Consequently, such conditions thus become difficult to prevent and treat especially when diagnosed at an advanced stage. Furthermore, treatment and management of chronic illnesses remain an expensive ordeal taking a toll not only on the patient but also to family members involved in the process. Under such circumstances, recent research has discovered that counselling therapy involving aspects such as forgiveness therapy can significantly assist in the management and treatment of chronic conditions (Elliott, 2011, p. 241). With such new research strategies, efforts can be redirected towards other frontiers aimed at relieving the pain through spiritual interventions in patients.

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