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Three Novel Approaches to Fighting the Battle Against Stress (Article Sample)


1. Minimum of one (1) page, APA style and format.
2. Articles must be recent in publication (no older than 4 years) and easily accessible to the reader.
3. Outline of the article: First paragraph should address the Winning Practices selected (introduction).
4. Second paragraph should address the research of the situation/practice. The article should be combined with an outside source (periodical) that is relevant to the subject matter (tie the article researched to the Winning Practice). 
5. Third paragraph should address the writer’s reaction/opinion to the Winning Practice and the (researched) article. 


Novel Approaches to Fighting the Battle Against StressStudent's Name
There are three novel practices that have been successful in reducing the effects of stress in the work place. Taking time off or sabbaticals is one such method, the employee is given some days off work to go and relax or learn something new. When they come back these employees are usually refreshed and are able to work better. Another novel method of reducing stress in the workplace is by training employees to use biomedical techniques to recognize signs of stress and control these signs through various concentration techniques. The third method of controlling stress in the workplace is by having employees look for signs of stress in their fellow employees and help them avoid stress. A 2013 survey by American Psychological Association center of organizational excellence found that more than one third of Americans are experiencing work related stress, only thirty six percent of these empl...
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