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Discussion On How The Brain Work Research Assignment (Article Sample)


Task 1
Critical-Thinking only:
Understand how one prepares the brain for human strength
Now do the work: How does our brain work
Movie: How does the brain work - Neil DeGrasse Tyson - NOVA ScienceNow HD.
Use the Internet to research three articles on this subject matter. Identify at least two (2) ways that the brain and positive thinking or happiness connect.
What's the biological or lifestyle connection that promotes well-being?
Write a one-page summary of your research and upload your document into the Moodle site.
NOTE: Read over your work carefully for grammatical errors, correct spelling and punctuation, and correct APA
Task 2
Prepare a 1-2 page analysis of one article. Choices: 1. “How Your Brain Works” by Freudenrich and Boyd, and 2. “How Brain Mapping Works” by Nasr.
The focus will be on synthesizing the material, on highlighting the main points, and on considering the consequences of the findings to happiness and well-being.


Task 2
Date of submission
“How Your Brain Works” by Freudenrich and Boyd
Human being's brain is unique to the rest of the animals' since it is able to make a person speak and solve problems. The brain helps in control of blood pressure, body temperature, breathing and heart beat rates. More so, it accepts and interprets information from different sense such as touching, hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting. In addition, it enables the coordination of limbs for movement such walking, standing, talking and sitting. Lastly, the brain enhances thinking capacity, reasoning, emotional experience, and dreaming. These activities are well coordinated by the brain via the central nervous system. This system besides encompassing the brain, it also includes other organs such as the spinal cord and the nerves to effectively relay information both at the conscious unconscious levels. For the brain to effectively function in coordination with the nerves and the spinal cord, it has been structured in different hemispheres and sections...
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