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Counseling Students and Their Families (Article Sample)


Review 3 peer-reviewed journal articles from current academic literature (2008 to present) related to counseling students and/or their families. These articles should be on the following topics? (A) An article that is based on research regarding counseling school-aged children and their families OR (B) An article about brief or solution focused counseling with children or adolescents OR (C) An article about counseling students and families that are culturally different (from you, I am a white female US citizen). Review should be 2 pages long in APA style. Include a brief synopsis of the work that relates to counseling students and parents. On page three write a personal reflection on the articles. All three articles can be on the same topic just from different sources.


Counseling Students and Their Families
Counseling Students and Families from Different Cultures
Among the pressing issues that eat up education in this century is the need to identify appropriate synergies of accepting the ever-increasing cultural and linguistic diversity of students in America (Chandra's, 2010, p 39). A great need to point out to ethnical and linguistically different students with individual needs and to make sure that they receive suitable services is looming. These students face challenges and hurdles that in turn affect their behavior and how they relate to others. Chandra's in his journal purport that for a counselor to connect well with children from such families, they ought to develop an active course towards different cultural groups within which they work. This author also alleges that for these counseling approaches to bear fruit, the counselors are obliged to appreciate the life experiences of culturally different children .They are also required to consider their families interests since this develops a positive relationship between the parties. An array of counseling skills and techniques should be derived to support the counselor in his approach.
Children from different cultural backgrounds have varied life experiences as compared to other students. They can be easily affected by instances of alienation, oppression, resistance, conflict and low self esteem a factor that affects their education (Chandra's, 2010, p 39).  Professional counselors should create structures in their counseling approaches that include an understanding of a child's cultural ideas, assumptions and biases. They should be acquainted with the students world views too and have a rough idea of how to apply culturally appropriate interventions in their counseling therapies.
According to Garry (2012), proper emphasis on the use of listening as a tool should be cultivated in an even environment during counseling. Listening as Garry states; is one of the most important counseling paraphernalia that facilitates a child's growth and understanding. To maximize on this, a counselor needs to set the children in question free, allowing them to talk without any interruption (Garry & Richard, 2012.p 55). The students should be permitted to concentrate on speeches and corrected where they make mistakes
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