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Children Should Be Served Healthy Meals At School (Article Sample)


Essay format with sentences in paragraphs, logic to persuade, formal language, structured organisation - Introduction; points; counterarguments; conclusion. unbaised language. examples.


Children should be served healthy meals at School
Children should be served healthy meals at School
The quest for knowledge for knowledge and wisdom has overgrown in the modern world. Children are spending pretty more time in school than at home. Precisely, they take breakfast, lunch and mid supper snacks in school. The majority of children come home in the evening extremely exhausted and rest for the following day. Some do not even have an apparent appetite for the family pots. Nutritionally, feeding children on healthy meals boost immunity and promote active living. Feeding children on junk foods may contribute to various nutritional disorders. Moreover, when children are hungry, they switch off and pay little attention in class. Having mentioned the benefit of good nutrition on children, this paper will explore the benefits of feeding children on healthy meals.
In my opinion, presumably healthy meals in school provide the children with extra energy to undertake their school duties and responsibilities. The development of brain's nerve cells of children is exclusively affected by nature, and the nutrient content of meals served to children. Serving children with unhealthy meals with inadequate nutrients is detrimental to their health and development. In some schools, children are served with sodas and bread because these

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