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Assignment Critcal Review Of Mathew Kwongs Article (Article Sample)



This assignment is worth 10%. So I would advise you to work with the TA to make sure that you do it correctly. Take a printed copy of this guidelines with you when you go to see the TA.


In the section, ‘The psychological functions of music in everyday life’ from the article ‘Functions of Music in Everyday Life: Redefining the Social in Music psychology’, the authors Hargreaves and North (1999) discusses the ten functions of music identified by Merriam (1964). The first function mentioned here is ‘emotional expression’ or “the power of music to act as a vehicle of feelings which may not be possible to convey by other means”.    They support their views on this ability of music to help people convey their feelings by referring to Sloboda (1991), Gabrielsson (1993), Gabrielsson and Juslin(19960 and Radocy and Boyle (1996) who have done research on this topic and also agrees that music has indeed the ability to make people express their emotions.

Read the article ‘The Impact of Music on Emotions: Comparing Rap and Meditative Yoga Music ‘by Matthew Kwong (2016) and write a critical summary.

This is how your Assignment should be


Write a full summary of the article ‘The Impact of Music on Emotions: Comparing Rap and Meditative Yoga Music ‘by Matthew Kwong (2016). Remember, this is a full article summary so you have to read it at least 2 to 3 times before you start summarizing. Your summary will be long and about 500 words or more.


The second part of this assignment should be written as indicated below.

Keeping in mind what you have read and understood from what Hargreaves and North (1999) said about the psychological function of music in their article ‘Functions of Music in Everyday Life: Redefining the Social in Music psychology’.


Do you see what Hargreaves and North’s said in their article being applied in Matthew Kwong’s article? If so, write what are they?

How are the ideas given in these 2 article connected?

Where are the similarities?

Are there any differences in the ideas expressed by these authors?

Remember that this is an academic paper that you are writing. So you will need to back up your views with evidence. It is not enough to just state your opinion or simply say “I agree” or “yes”.

You have to write what are all the points in Matthew Kwong’s analysis of the impact of music on emotions which are connected to the statements made by Hargreaves and North.

Please make sure that you use full and correct references when you quote or paraphrase any information from the articles.   


Critical Review of an Article
Institution Affiliation
Critical Review of an Article
Summary of Mathew Kwong's Article
Mathew Kwong believes that human beings have formed a complex relationship with music which is beneficial to them. For some, music can be constructive while for others it can be destructive depending on the individual (Matthew, 2016). The influence music has on human beings goes beyond the physical, it also affects how people respond psychologically. Music has the ability to infiltrate the body and the mind. It solicits varied reactions in different parts of the body and that is why people subconsciously begin to dance to the sound of music. It also affects the functioning of the brain and produces different emotions just by listening to a particular tune.In some instances music produces certain feelings that may arouse the listener, cause them to take drugs or create an appetite for food.
Different tunes affect the mind differently, therefore, music has the potential of either relaxing listeners or creating aggressive actions among listeners. People who listen to music with violent lyrics are likely to be aggressive. Generally, the human body has a way of responding to music and the heartbeat changes with the speed of music. Slow music relaxes the heartbeat, whereas fast music causes the heart to beat at an unusually high rate. It is also believed that music helps students concentrate better and their ability to memorize different things while studying is increased when they listen to music. This varies from one person to another, though some people prefer complete silence while studying, therefore, people should choose what works best for them.
The ability of music to influence behavior is largely dependent on the ability of the brain to respond to the tiny aspects of the genre of the music. Some people may listen to violent music, but they may not turn out to be aggressive. Despite this seemingly

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