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The history of space assets. Life Sciences Article (Article Sample)


The country writes China
The final project builds off of the minor assignment, but is more detailed. The assignment
requires an 6-8 page report on the history of space assets in a particular country. This report
should include both a list of assets as well as brief descriptions. The United States and Russia are
not options for this assignment. The assignment must also include at least ten space assets,
meaning that if you would like to cover emerging space nations, with few historical or current
assets, you may combine several countries from the same continent into a single report in order to
reach the ten asset minimum.
A space asset is defined as a piece of hardware (full satellite or instrument) put into space to orbit,
flyby, or land on a planetary body (including the Earth) Identified assets will be those that were
built and operated by the country you chose. The asset does not have to have been launched by
the country.
Regardless of whether you choose a country with a large number of historical and present assets,
or several countries with few, the structure of the report will be relatively similar for all. The
report will be marked out of 100 and should include
1) A list identifying all launched assets built or owned by the country, or as many as you can
confidently identify (ideally all) (30).
2) A launch year. activity status, and brief description of each asset (20)
3) Five in-depth discussions (side boxes) of important current assets (20)
4) Clear evidence of effective, diverse, and high-quality research (20)
5) Clear evidence of proof reading, formatting effort, and effective writing (10)
The document is to be written as a report aimed at elected or industry officials. Therefore. writing
should effectively balance between necessary technical detail and accessibility to interdisciplinary
The report should be written in 12 pt. font and single spaced. All images must be properly
referenced to the correct owners. Information regarding historical and current assets must come
from reliable and official sources, such as: government websites, academic research, and
respected professional popular writing or news agencies (major news outlets and professional
publications only). References should be clearly referenced in APA style on a final page
(reference pages do not count towards limit). The more diverse your sources are, the more
comprehensive the report will be considered.
If you are unsure of the quality of a source, please include some pictures


Space Assets
Space Assets
Information is power and every other country understand what it means to have that extra bit of information that the rest do not have. For decades, countries have been trying to outmaneuver one another on this front. While the media may not give this topic much attention, there is an ongoing war on information, which countries are involved in behind the shadows of all the diplomatic missions, conferences and fairs. At the height of the information tag of war are the space assets. These have been part of the tussles where countries complete on which one is the most powerful out in space. The ability of satellites to gather information and send back to the mother countries is a powerful platform that governments rely on to make some of the most crucial decisions, ranging from environmental management to tactical warfare. As such, the space assets have for decades changed the way that countries access information on a global scale. China has been at the forefront with the likes of Russia and the United States to try and get the best and most space assets out to space. For most of the part, the satellites are crucial for communication. This is relative to basic elements such as data, radio and television. These are some of the most common services, however there are other functions and they depend on what the country is trying to achieve with their technology. 

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