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Right To Counsel (Article Sample)


Right to Counsel Article You are a guest writer for a legal aid blog. You noticed in the comments that several people have asked questions about right to counsel and whether or not they have a right to counsel based on their situation. To address this need, you decide to write an article on the topic. Analyze two cases involving right to counsel and refer to these cases in your article. Write an 800-word article about right to counsel that addresses the following topics: • The aspects of right to counsel for the cases • How the historical development of right to counsel relates to the cases • When the right to counsel attaches to criminal procedure for the cases • Whether the defendants in the cases exercised their right to self-representation • The role of the attorneys in the cases as it applies to right to counsel Format your article consistent with APA guidelines. 4 sources 4 in-text citations


Right to Counsel
Right to Counsel
The right to counsel normally suggests that a defendant has a right to enlisting the help of counsel or lawyers. In the case such defendants are not able to pay for a lawyer, the government is required to appoint a lawyer or give out the money for legal expenses of the defendant (Cretacci, 2007). The right to counsel usually is considered as a baseline for obtaining the right to a just trial. An analysis of two cases that involve right to counsel may help to expound and understand this concept better.
In order to attain effective help of counsel in an individual’s case, several situations are to be considered. The first case that can be considered is that of Tracy, who is under the age of eighteen years and was caught at night on the streets. She is arrested and interrogations are ready to begin, when Tracy confesses that she doesn’t have any family and that she cannot afford attorney’s fee. In such a situation, one of the aspects of the right to counsel cover the juvenile cases and thus Tracy may be lucky although not in every session. This was a juvenile delinquency hearing as well as a misdemeanor trial where real imprisonment can take place. After the interrogations, Tracy was charged with a misdemeanor for loitering. This led to the next step of being arraigned in court the following morning, where she obtained right to counsel as she a juvenile. After pleading not guilty, Tracy is taken back to the station for further questioning which also means that she has the right to counsel even at this point (Siegel, 2010). During the trial, the girl also ought to be represented by a lawyer in order to foster fair trial. As such, Tracy requests for an attorney as she was not in a position to hire one. During the trial, slightly before sentencing, the judge realizes that Tracy is a juvenile. The judge decides to conduct a juvenile delinquency proceeding which would be more appropri...
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