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emotional abuse of children (Article Sample)

For this assignment locate 2 editorial-length newspaper article or a popular magazine article (not article from perr-reviewed professional journals) that talk about emotional abuse of children. one has been provide. Click on http://abcnews(dot)go(dot)com/US/police-jorge-carmen-barahona-beat-death-adopted-daughter/story?id=13077739 Attach copies of the articles tothe assignment upon submittal. The paper is to be in APA Format and can be completed with 4 pages not including references. References at least 5. Address the following questions in your article reviews: 1. How did the media handle this topic? Did it promote or debunk any of the myths of family violence. 2. If you were force to base your opinions on just these three articles, what would be your conclusions about the accuracy of emotional abuse information in the written media? Explain 3. Each of your selected articles presents information about emotional abuse. However, the way in which information is presented, what is left out, what is included, reveals the author's bias and intent. How does the author of each aticle want the reader to respond? What does this reveal about the author's purpose of writing the article? Explain. 4. What do your observations suggest about the accuracy of your own beliefs about emotional abuse? Explain. source..
EMOTIONAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN AND MEDIA Name: Course: Professor Name: (February 01, 2012) Emotional Abuse of Children and Media Media Handling of the Topic The media demonstrated the two acts of child abuse with a lot of contempt. It promoted the fact that child abuse is a wrong and should be shunned by society as much as possible. The way the media portrayed the two articles had a large effect on society. This had also an impact on the general opinion by the public. The media shaped the opinion of the public that in deed the two perpetrators of these abuses had to be arrested charged and be imprisoned. Looking at the two articles, the media had shaped the attitude of people concerning the two cases of child abuse. It also portrayed the perpetrators as people who had no feelings and respect for humanity. It had influenced the majority of the people to make a decision that indeed, violence and abuse against children is wrong. Additionally, it is an act against humanity which required very serious punishment by the courts. In addition, the media provided a state of balance as it castigated the two incidences as incorrect and irresponsible. The way media dealt with the two incidences made the people to be tolerant, forgiving, accepting and caring. People had to understand that already the two incidences had already taken place and it was the appropriate chance to learn from the mistakes made by other people. The article had a lot of influence on the people concerning their perception of the cases. The media presented the two child abuse cases in a diligent and well balanced manner. This meant that all the two sides had been represented fairly by reporting the events the way they happened without adding anything. The Accuracy of Emotional Abuse Information in the Written Media Basing on the three cases of children abuse, it is very vital for people to know the effects of media on them. Vigilance is thus, required to make sure that the information provided by media is accurate and reliable. People ought to ask themselves to search for contradicting opinions concerning what the media reports. They need to examine the facts for themselves instead of blindly accepting the version of the media concerning the truth. Additionally, the profession of journalism is a profession similar to any other profess...
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