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News Article Assignment: America, Experiences After the WWI (Article Sample)


THIS JUST IN: You work for a national radio broadcasting company and it is your job to create the typed broadcast for the evening news, recapping the experiences of Americans from before WWI all the way to their experiences after the war.
For your story to be valid and accepted by a wide audience, it must include the home front experiences of many groups and cover the topics below. You are to choose only one of the two options below to complete for this assignment to highlight all seven key points below.
- Examine the experiences of the local populations and varied demographics, including African Americans, women, and lower classes.
- What changed because of the movement from isolationism to expansionism?
- Assess the relevance of people’s concerns about the war’s impact on the international community.
- Assess the war’s economic impact, including the expansion of factories (big business) due to wartime production.
- Compare and contrast pre-war and post-war experiences.
- Include at least three key domestic figures and at least three key international figures.
- Include how the United States in the post-war era is positioned to become a superpower.
With any good news story, you must utilize multiple sources. Your story must be a minimum of two pages. A minimum of two reputable sources must be used, cited, and referenced.


America and WWI
America in the WWI
For most of us the First World War is a story we read in the news and the history memoirs of the events that led to the war, who won, but most importantly the experiences of the people. There are profound experiences that took place before and after the First World War touching on the community. There are events that took place before the 28th of July 1914 and 11th November 1918 when the war fought (Williams, 2016). Although the war started off as a distant European endeavor, it slowly escalated into a revolutionary event with impacts on the social, economic, and political aspects implicating on all local communities, African American men, women, southerners, northerners, civilians and soldiers alike (Williams, 2016). Events such as racial violence, military service, political protests and migration among others combine to make the war time the most revolutionary time in the history of America. When the war first broke out in Europe, most of the people did not see the reason to get involved (Williams, 2016). For the African Americans at the time and before th...
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