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Why the most Effective Learning is the First Three Years (Article Sample)


Please Check Instructions:
Topic: "Why the most Effective Learning is the First Three Years? (According to "Kindergarten is too late" by Masaru Ibuka)". 
1) Article should be written in the best quality. 
2) Write 1 paragraph of introduction
3) It should contain interesting and useful information on the subject. 
4) Uniqueness of the text should be 100%. 
5) Mistakes are not allowed. 
6) Please no sources. 
7) This is an article for a website, it must be professionally written. 
8) Please no title page.
9) Please add image (at least 800x600 px) and title to each paragraph.
10) Center all images
Thank you. 


Why the most effective learning is the first three years
The development of the brain of a child can be compared to the construction of a building. Just like in the construction of a building which requires a firm foundation, the development of the child's brain also requires a solid foundation in the first three years of life. It usually begins before birth and it is extremely vital in the initial three years of life. Besides, there are raw materials that are important in this development. Brain cells are considered to be the most important raw materials in the development. Furthermore, the experiences of the child and interaction help in building effective development of the brain in all aspects such as emotional and social growth among others.
The child's brain at birth consists of roughly one hundred billion of neurons. The neurons are the cells that can be electrically excited and in turn not only process but also transmit signals in electric and chemical forms in the human system. The formation of the brain begins before birth specifically after the three weeks of conception. The number of neurons and synapses the brain produces before birth are relatively high than the needed amount. The synapse is a structure that allows the neurons to transmit electric and chemical signals from one cell to the other. At the initial stages of life, there are quite a number of changes that are extraordinary that take place at the brain. The neurons and the synapse are usually there at birth. More synapses are made as the neurons tend to mature. The number of synapses for every neuron at birth is approximately ...
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