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Business Market Of Bike-Sharing Companies In China (Article Sample)


The Current Business Topic assignment will be a one-page memorandum summarizing a business item of interest from a business periodical which is relevant to the study of business and your thoughts on the issues and concepts presented. Topics can be selected from a wide range of sources. Please include a link to your article and the article must be cited in the memo using APA format also. You should use a memo format such as this one or one similar to it. The topic for your memo can center on business topic or issue that is of particular interest to you. You must select an article from a credible source.


Business and Marketing
Business and Marketing
University of:
February 28, 2017
Subject: Market of Bike-sharing Companies in China
In the article, “Mobike stays ahead in Chinese bike-sharing market, analysis says”, Liu Zheng acknowledges that the sector of bike-on-demand in China has developed. Several companies have played their cards well to meet this growing demand. Mobike has gone ahead of the other companies in this race with companies like Ofo, Youon Bike and then Black Bird Bike following it in that order.
Mobike Company was founded in 2014, and it has expanded its services to thirteen cities across China. To play this game effectively, it has made its products distinct and unique; the bikes are equipped with GPS and are also orange-hued. Liu attributes the success of Mobike to its continuous heavy investments in capital and holding healthy partnerships with a world's giant electronic maker company; Foxconn.
Competing effectively in the global market requires a well-organized strategic plan. Capital investment is a factor that affects the global market. As the saying goes "It takes money to make money," there is no escape in that, if the business wants to grow and be successful. There are three types of capital investment that guarantee the growth and success of a business; equipment, marketing and expansion (Meredith, 2015). This is the secret behind Mobike’s success.
Partnerships as evidenced by Mobike play a major role in the success of a business. In this context, the partnerships referred to are the healthy ones. Partners help overcome the shortcomings of a business. They supply the business with what it lacks. Partners can be helpful in the marketing of products or be producing them like in the case of Foxconn. There are three key qualities for successful partnerships according to Amanda. They include trust, complementary skills and lastly communications s...
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