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Human Resources Management: Article Review (Article Sample)


Conduct a search on the internet and locate at least one article on the topic of human resources management. The article is to be published in an HR-related journal or industry-related periodical. The article you select should represent what you believe to be a critical aspect in the field of human resources management.’’
Use the article to answer the following:
Review the main theme(s) of the article.
Highlight any new information that you gleaned from this article. In what ways do you think this new information will help you to explore the topics of this course?
Provide any personal or professional experiences you have regarding the themes and points of this article.


Human Resources Management: Article Review
Human Resources Management: Article Review
Boulton Clint, a human resource reporter with The Wall Street Journal reports on the importance of human resource software in linking personal employee goals with team goals within an organization. In his article, the reporter elucidates that organizations stand a chance in improving the attainment of their objectives by encouraging their employees to embrace human resource software that helps in tracking individual work progress to guide them towards the achievement of the goals, and in the course, fostering active participation in attaining the overall organizational goals (Boulton, 2014).
The article demonstrates that human resource software is a noble performance management tool that managers can utilize to spearhead organizational goals (Boulton, 2014). In addition, the article informs that modern improved human resource software such as cloud-based platforms , not only act as tool for checking employee accountability, but they also act as motivational tools that inspires employees to attain their goals, both personal and organizational. The software have some scaling criteria that employees us...
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